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  1. So,that’s the new monitor. I'll be glad if you advise me of an alternative for about the same price. Now I'm looking at the Acer ET241Ybi . Will it be better?
  2. No flashlight on this photo. It’s just the best monitor I found for thit money. I already changed it,and yeah on new monitor the same problem,even a bit worse
  3. My LG 23MP68VQ has very noticeable backlight bleed, so I plan to change it to a monitor of the same model. I want to ask, can the ghosting effect differ on the monitors of the same model or it will be the same? I’m just afraid that ghosting on another monitor can be more noticeable😬
  4. So what’s the best choice then?
  5. Also, it’s very noticeable in dark games in right sight. I’m just afraid that can exchange monitor for another with much worse defects like dead pixels
  6. On a uniform background it is noticeable, and very annoying that the gray color for some reason brightens, if a little deviate to the side. It is in the lower right corner.
  7. Is this ok for LG 23MP68VQ or its better to exchange it for another monitor?
  8. Help me choose monitor for PS4

    I don’t think it would be much better. I just can’t understand,ghosting that can be seen on video is ok for IPS monitors or no?
  9. Help me choose monitor for PS4

    The most interesting thing is that before I played on the TV from Sony about 2012 release, and the motion blur was much lesser on it.
  10. Help me choose monitor for PS4

    Approximately 200$
  11. Help me choose monitor for PS4

    That’s all I can found. I tried to set on FreeSync but I didn’t notice much difference
  12. Help me choose monitor for PS4

    It’s comes out of my budget ,but I can save some money and buy it. It’s really worthy? There will be any noticeable difference?
  13. Help me choose monitor for PS4

    Right now I’m choosing monitor for ps4. I most of time I play FPS and other fast games. I already tried Dell P2417H and return it because of very noticeable ghosting. Now I take LG 23MP68VQ that slightly better,but I’m still think it’s very blurred. Can you watch a video in which I took a few moments from the game and say me is it ok for IPS or I can found something better ? And will there be a noticeable difference between IPS 5ms and TN 1ms? I’m looking only for 60hz monitors. This is Dell https://youtu.be/0HwL6CuudVk https://youtu.be/mNjUObb5lmc https://youtu.be/HAVnlio2Qo8 This is LG https://youtu.be/LFmhaH7ptlY https://youtu.be/wwvftZazjA4 https://youtu.be/yafuBVDE0I Thanks a lot for your help)