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  1. Updating the chipsets driver (I think) managed me to play well and bench well with the h97, i5-4440 and gtx970 but after 1 hour of gaming (temp were right, 60-65 both cpu-gpu), the screen started flickering and became all green firstly, black, and in the end I have only the cursor but nothing showing What could case this problem? Could be the HDD that is old? O this CPU/MB are simply broken? Like the pcie idk..
  2. I also checked the temperature of CPU/GPU and was always in "safe zone", like 60 gpu, 65 cpu
  3. Hi, I recenty purchased a used cpu-mb combo, -i5-4440 -GigabyteH97M-HD3 (bios version F4) -8GBddr3 (1x8) hyperx kingston 1866 MHz ram -KFA2 GTX 1060 3GB I didn't buy a disk for this combo, so I firstly used the SSD of my other rig. The performance wasn't that great, but I firstly thinked that this was a problem that windows had the diver of the other pc, so I taked another disk, but more or less the performance was the same, heavy stuttering, low FPS but Norma CPU performance (I did some gaming, userbenchmark and Heaven). So I decided to disassemble my primary pc that have: -i5-4670k - asrock z87m-pro4 -16 GB (4*4) hyperx 1866 ran -samsung Evo 860 256 gb -KFA2 GTX 970 I taked the i5-4440 and putted on the z87 rig with the gtx970: The test was good, no major issue, like when I use the 4670k I taked the i5-4440 and putted on the z87 rig with the gtx1060: Worked great, same result as gtx970 performance I installed the 4670k on the h97 rig with the gtx 1060: Also everything was good, fps are great. So I tested i5-4440, h97, gtx 970: CPU benched as always, but gpu performance was really low this time, the game have major lag on frametime and was unplayable. Tested also i5-4440, h97, gtx 1060 and haved the same problem of the gtx 970... In any of the above testing the CPU was hitting 100% usage while gaming. I'm really so confused because I started thinking of a motherboard issue(h97), but with the other CPU worked okay.. I thinked of problem of the CPU(4440), but on the other rig worked well.. Neither was a problem of having only one stick of ram, because with the 4670k worked good Neither the HDD or ssd.. every time I swapped the GPU I did a DDU and driver install.. Somebody have any idea, or give me some.test to do? I'm out of idea.. PSU was the same for both rig, EVGA GC 650w 80 plus gold..
  4. Like there is some lock on the bios that prevent to boot if saw that the cpu isn't allowed, also if meet the same specs of tdp?
  5. Hi, i have an old laptop with an i5-2410M, the cpu is not soldered, and it can be swapped. I've done multiple search an i find, according to this http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/CPUs/Intel/Core_i5_Mobile/i5-2410M_(PGA).html, that a swap can be possible with other processor. I also know that this particular pc, came also with i7 2630QM, that i think not gonna work if i put on because of the more higher TDP, but i found an i7-2620M that have the same 35 TDP. In other forum i found people that checked the bios of both i5 motherboard and i7 motherboard and saw that , bios side, there is no TDP limitation. How i can be sure that the things gonna work? They tried with the much higer tdp cpu, and didn't boot it up. With a same TDP, could i have more chance? thank you in advice