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    Ryzen 5 3600x
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    Asus ROG B450
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    G.skill 2x16gb
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    EVGA 1080ti Hybrid
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    EVGA DG-77
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    Samsung 970 evo nvme
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    4k, 1080p , 1440p 144hz
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    EVGA 240mm CLC
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  1. I recently searched on which was more powerful, 3600x vs 2700x, I thought forsure the 2700x would still be more powerful because it has 8 thread and 16 cores, over 6/12. but according to cpubenchmark, the 3600x is 12% better. is the 3600x actually that much better?
  2. I tried looking up Pro 580x on gpu benchmark, but didnt find anything. Is there any difference between a 580x and pro 580x?
  3. what do you mean by sell out? Hes been making money from his work for a long time, just because he does sponsors doesnt make him a sell out. Shit Linus has a shit load of integrity and if he fucks up, hell be one of the 1st to come forward and admit it.
  4. Being a tiny channel i could see that you would have to conform to the algo, but being one the biggest channels out there, im sure they could alter the algo, But i guess it would come at a cost.
  5. But what if, it made them more popular? What if more people clicked on the videos that didnt have the clickbaity thumbnail?
  6. i pay for youtube and "honest question" doesnt mean bitching. Im not sure why you assume so much, when you clearly dont know.. makes you look bad, never assume because it makes an ass out of you.
  7. They have 10 Million subs, with millions of views every day. If they were to just stop making obnoxious thumbnails, would it really make a dent in their revenue? I know the algo looks for certain things, and the outline of a face is one of them. But does that face have to be something that makes you cringe? Im older than anyone at LTT (cept maybe anothny), so maybe its beyond me and people like it, I know its all part of the Clickbaity OMG YOULL NEVER GUESS meta, but i feel like LTT can move beyond that and actually change the hype clickbaity meta.
  8. a few things to note, x series motherboards are not needed unless you plan to run SLI. do you really want to spend that much on a Cooler? a decent $25 cooler will do a lot, your windows key is pretty expensive. just get one for a few bucks from ebay 850w is plenty also your startup disk doesnt need to be 1tb, if all your games and files are going on the HDD, no need to get 1tb. most games are around 40-100 gb. im not sure how big your library is, but i only play a few on the reg.
  9. i have mixed memory with the same clocks, getting a new MOBO b450-F gaming strix. Just wondering if im going to have much for issues if i want to OC my ram with my 3600x (x was cheaper than the 3600) G.Skill Aegis 8GBx2 ddr4 3000 Ballistix 16GBx2 ddr4 3000 both timings are 16-18-18-38 I had the Gskill OC earlier but when i added the Ballixstix the computer wouldnt post, so i have stopped messing around with it.
  10. i would say for $25 thats a good upgrade, 8 core and 16 thread, If you only game, you might notice a difference, most games dont use 8 cores.. so maybe in the future that would help.
  11. I have a question about running 144hz on my 1080ti, R2600 with 48gb of ram. 1080x1920 Im playing destiny 2, and sometimes i notice i can not get the 144fps. but when i look at the CPU and GPU neither is running close to 100%, There doesnt seem to be a bottleneck, but im not too sure whats the hold up.. Anyone have any suggestions so i can run my computer at a higher FPS while gaming?