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  1. hi guys One more question, Can I create multiple partition from that storage space partition? Thanks in advance
  2. What if I choose 2 way mirror, understand that this required additional two drives, are all those two drives the same? I can just use one of the drive with another machine?
  3. Hi all Need some help with Windows 10 storage space, I've been searching around but not actually found what i'm looking for There are many guide that show how to create a storage space like this one http://techgenix.com/windows-10-storage-spaces/ but I cant find any guide how to use it backup when a drive or a PC fail so from this MS guide https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/12438/windows-10-storage-spaces I need two additional drives to use for a two-way mirror but what happened when - a drive failed (two scenario, OS drive and the backup drive), - a machine failed, how do I used that backup drive on another machine? - what are the type of that backup file? an actual file or some kind of virtual image? Also If I want to use a workstation with hot-swap HDD slot for my tiny ERP (only 10 users) Can I use this PC with MS storage space? will that hot swap feature working ( that my user can do it themself) last question, what is the normal usage of those workstation with hot swap feature, which kind of backup should be use ? BTW, I plan to have two difference back up for my ERP, one with storage space and also on the NAS Thank you guys
  4. Hi all Need some help here, which of these two should I pick (pro & con is just my personal taste) viewsonic vx3515-c-hd Pro: curved, viewsplit (i'm a big fan of dell display manager, great to have it here too) , slightly bigger, b&w mode , flicker free, blue light filter Con: ugly (I just hate that big "viewsonic" logo on the bezel) , stand is not adjustable, bigger bezel, no HDR, VA panel lg-34wk650 Pro: HDR, IPS panel, look a lot better, stand is more adjustable,smaller bezel, service is better in my place Con: flat, no B&W, no flicker free, no blue light filter, not sure if there are some kind of display manger for LG Not sure if I like the curved monitor anyway, never have it before but I read many place that if curved is better on ultrawide monitor Thanks in advance
  5. of course we need it, so many factors we cant control , our crew members will have their own laptop and usb drive Thats why I need both AV and USB access software
  6. Hi all Need your help here, can you recommend an anti-virus that can do the following we have 5 PCs to be use in the ship, only internet connection will be done by satellite and its only for sending and receiving email on one machine only Also we will not granted admin right to our users so I am looking for Antivirus that can do the following - can upgrade its definition offline, by sending an email to our ship then our ship member will put this definition file on a share network drive. I'm looking for an AV that can just set up where to put the definition file then the AV itself will look for those file and update DAT file automatically - can control the access of any USB port, also looking for something that can blocked all the USB port and can authorized with password (password of the AV itself not windows admin password) Many thanks
  7. I wonder why you guys recommended google doc, I try google keep and its look great only kinda weird to put #tag on my note to get my note tagged but overall im ok with it
  8. I know the problem now, they move the datafile to .pst instead of .ost. And it is something i dont want to change since this was set up by my corporate
  9. HI guys need some help selecting a note taking app, my criteria is - free - sync on multiple device (android, pc) - still look good on mobile - support tag evernote has everything I want only it can be sync with just 2 devices with free subscription ( I need at least 3, one on my mobile other two on my work and personal pc) I tried onenote but i cant find how to tag my note and its look so bad on my android phone Thank you
  10. Hi guys I need some help, all of my exchange email went straight to deleted item (in OWA) after being read on my outlook (2010) I checked no rules were applied, auto archive is disable. Now in my inbox is empty and I can find all the email in deleted folder (on OWA) Thank you
  11. I use both and by "crappy" i mean their idea that it cant be remove
  12. yes, I have and yes that is crappy $hit from M$ BTW.. are you sure about that? why would M$ made this tutorial anyway? https://support.office.com/en-us/article/uninstall-microsoft-teams-3b159754-3c26-4952-abe7-57d27f5f4c81
  13. Hi guys wondering if anyone can successfully uninstall "microsoft team" i got it remove a couple time then it keep "coming back" to my machine every restart thanks in advance...
  14. Hi guys Any one experiencing this problem? My machine will wakeup after sleep with black screen I know its waking up because the fan are spinning All my mouse and keyboard are also working as i can wake up my machine by either mouse or KB so i guess its not somekind of "power management" issues My setup are as follows Windows 10 pro latest version (not insider) Ryzen 7 1700x 64 gb of ram Nvidia 960 vga Try disable windows 10 "history" function Reinstall Windows Enable mouse and kb to wake up my pc Nothing works Thank you