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  1. Where I can join the monthly folding contest?
  2. barzaka12

    Need help with making a SP game into a MP game

    Because it can be more strict about rules and maybe feature mod maps like RusMap or ProMods.
  3. barzaka12

    Need help with making a SP game into a MP game

    I know really well what is going to happen.
  4. Hello! If there are any folks out there willing to help me make a modification for ETS2(Euro Truck Simulator 2) & ATS(American Truck Simulator) that makes these games MMOs, I would really appreciate it. Languages and/or skills needed: C++ Reverse engineering RakNet Any of these skills is enough for you to become part of this big project that will change the games forever. And here comes the bad part, it is that the project is absolutely free, so no pay for the work done. Regards, Ivan
  5. barzaka12

    What happened with the AlphaCool giveaway

    I know. That's me!
  6. Guys, Any idea what happened with this giveaway: https://gleam.io/98vmD/postltx-2018-alphacool-giveaway ?