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  1. Thank you sir, you are a better googler than I. I'll check it out
  2. Hi, I am a college student and my university implemented Duo multifactor authentication about a year ago. It has been super obnoxious to have to authenticate on every single university webpage you visit, and it really isn't a service that requires that much security. My question is, would it be possible to write a script on my phone (Oneplus 5 on Android 9) that could automatically respond to the push notifications for the Duo app? I'm studying engineering, so I have some experience with coding, but this is a bit out of my depth. Any suggestions of how I could write such a script/which app I could use to run said script would be greatly appreciated.
  3. The problem is that I can't get devices onto the network... They have some kind of filter which prevents certain types of devices from connecting to the wifi/Ethernet ports. My desktop can connect, but not my printer or smart TV. I want to know if I can get an ethernet connection off my desktop that could connect to a wireless router I own
  4. I am a college student living in a on campus apartment. My dorm does not allow certain devices to connect to the internet like smart TVs and printers. I thought I could bypass their restrictions by plugging in my own wifi router to the Ethernet port on the wall, but apparently those are restricted too. (thanks University of Maryland, go terps!) I was wondering if it would be possible to install a PCI-E network card in my desktop and plug a wireless router into that to bypass the university's dumb network restrictions (I am aware that I would need some kind of software or setup to do that). That way, I could connect my printer and smart TV to a network that I can manage. Any feedback on if this is feasible/ how this could be implemented would be awesome
  5. I apparently damaged my antenna cables while I was attempting to install a 2x2 Wifi card in my laptop (originally came with 1x1, ew). Unfortunately I broke those damned fragile little connectors on those cables. I took them to a Dell authorized service center but all they told we was that I had damaged them (which I obviously knew) and that they couldn't help me because my laptop was out of warranty with Dell. I already bought a USB wifi adapter in the mean time, but does anyone have any suggestions for how to get this repaired? I think the entire antenna cable needs to be replaced which means opening up the screen which is beyond my capabilities and risks breaking more things. I would prefer not to spend over $100 on this two year old $750 laptop. Any help would be appreciated. Sincerely, A broke college student