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  1. Problem solved, one of the websites was bugged and another (the one where you can only press the print button once) simply downloaded PDFs into temp and father did not know how to use PDFs and so his description of the problem was completely inaccurate.
  2. Recently I've seen some kind of new print buttons on few websites that are quite troublesome as they don't invoke regular printing window nor allow to set anything for that matter just print whatever it is on random printer (setting another printer as default doesn't seem to affect it) and well they don't really work that well... on my PC they never do anything, nothing gets printed, nothing goes to printing queue - no nothing, on father's PC it used to work fine until he bought a new printer but sadly I've never witnessed it working so I only have the information he provided. I have no idea how it works skipping everything etc but apparently it does exist and because of that my father can't print his documents as one corp. he works with uses that and only allows to press that illusive print button once and then he has to call them to let him try again. Does anyone know what's going on with this and if is there any way of capturing these printouts?? PS I've though about using "print to pdf" printer emulator or something but no way of using it as like I said it somehow skips printer's queue.
  3. Crest SI-PEX60016 seams to be what I'm looking for - making 1 slot into 2, these other cards don't do me any good as they take one slot and make it into one but the case would still be a problem as I'd still need a case with back plate slots going beyond the motherboard's length. These IOI external PCI-E enclosures are an overkill - I only need to mount a one more PCI-E card and that's all.
  4. Looking for some options to add more PCI-E slots (x1 will be enough but it's not like longer ones are a problem) to a workstation, sadly I can't give you the motherboard model right now but it has multiple x16 slots and sadly all of them are occupied. The current case is some regular PC mid-tower and is too small as is even right now thus I need some kind of case with space for additional PCI-E splitter, where I could mount an audio card and an USB 3.x card. Preferably the case should be rack mounted but I imagine it might be hard to find one as it would need to have some tricky layout to accommodate everything, so tower will be fine. Only special requirement is for the case and the splitter to be available in the EU and new or new old-stock (law requirements), price does not matter.
  5. Then it's a disC drive not disK oh well tough luck... I think it should be possible to pair a new dvd drive, the question is how to get the key from the old one. Or you can just give up, modchip it and run games from HDD instead.
  6. xbox 360 uses regular 2.5" sata drives.... unscrew the enclosure and there you have a regular laptop disk.
  7. You can just buy a 2.5" USB enclosure and use it via USB, or just use any other USB drive. There won't be any performance difference as far as I remember. https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-360/accessories/using-usb-flash-drive
  8. meh, they are exactly the same as hdmi2ps2 from aliexpress just in a different package. Even if they really are somewhat better it won't be much of a difference as PS2 has just horrible picture quality (I mean the signal going out not the games), far worse than xbox classic or ps3 for example. Best option would be just DIYing a component cable for PS2, but honestly, I don't care enough as my TV has only a single component input used by Xbox and with hdmi switch box it's more convenient without much lose quality-wise.
  9. My current console list: Master System (pal 60hz mod) Master System 2 (currently doing RGB mod) MegaDrive "HD" PAL (region switch and currently doing RGB amp mod) MegaDrive "HD" Japanese CIB Famicom NES NTSC Super Famicom + Super GameBoy SNES PAL (broken) Wii (black) GBA DS lite 3DS LL PS2 slim PS3 slim PS Vita fat Xbox Xbox Crystal x360 Elite X One I think that's all For hooking them all up I use HDMI wherever possible (plus wii and PS2 hdmi adapters, they ain't great but these consoles output garbage signal quality anyway), component for xbox and RGB for all the other consoles. I've also plugged PS3 to my CRT as it can be connected to both RGB and HDMI at the same time (though can only output to 1). The LG TV in the photo is just amazing with RGB. I've remade all analog cables myself, using connectors sourced from cheap aliexpress cables and some best quality, oldstock SCART cables I could find, that way each cable costs like 1.5-2€ and is the best possible quality it can be. Edit: I've also put an old enterprise-grade gigabit switch to connect all the network enabled system to the LAN and internet.
  10. No, don't but PSP street, it is just horrible... I mean the lack of wi-fi it its last problem... although it's' cool to play with friends locally via wi-fi, it lacks far more features and has quite poor build quality, google it. You should be able to find PSP 3k for the same price and it's just a better version than street (e1k) or just pay a little bit extra and get vita! Nowadays there is hardly any reason to get PSP when they go for like 30-40€ and you can get vita slightly beaten up vita for 50€ and install adrenaline to enjoy the entire PSP library.
  11. So first of all before you do anything: Get a replacement HDD - my recommendation would be getting an new old stock or barely used 160GB+ IDE HDD as they are dirty cheap (got 2x 320GB with couple hours of use for like 8€ both shipped) or some IDE to SATA or IDE to SD adapter but then there is a small chance it wont work and it will for sure be somewhat slower than using an IDE drive Get on ebay/aliexpress or make an USB adapter Buy Splinter Cell (whichever it was that let you do the softmod?) Watch some youtube tutorial Install a new HDD (again youtube) and the most important part: STORE YOUR ORIGINAL HDD SOMEWHERE SAFE, IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT SOMEWHERE AND YOUR HDD DIES, YOUR XBOX IS DEAD
  12. It is possible to be normal.
  13. Just to be clear I'm looking for displays not notebooks... @Sauron I only use ThinkPads and they all have LCDs locked down, you cannot just replace the display as is thus why I need to find some unlocked displays to prep them for ThinkPads.
  14. As many of you know, plenty of pro-grade notebooks have whitelisted displays, forcing you to pay quadripple the price to get a replacement display, if it's even available. The solution is either hacking the bios - not always possible, using linux or reprogramming the display's EEPROM. Do you know which brands/series of displays have the best chance not to have any protection on their EEPROM? Do I need to hunt some old pre 2012-2013 models? The size is irrelevant at the moment (I mean if one size is unlocked then it's siblings in different sizes are likely to be as well..)