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  1. Does aspect ration affect how FOV scales on games on mobile devices?I have a 19:9 aspect ration android device and play cod mobile on it the Fov slider on that games only goes up to 74 or 75 and im guessing that it uses a vertical fov rather than horizontal.so does aspect ratio affect the scaling of an FOV on games?like im guessing that 74 vertical FOV is equivalent to 90 horizontal FOV on a 4:3 aspect ratio display Im pretty sure that it does make a difference depending on your resolution but on PC but Im not sure whether the same applies to mobile devices like on android and games like pubg mobile or cod mobile.
  2. So i was wondering if the i5 2400 or the i7 2600 would still be able to deliver constant 60fps on triple A title games in 2019 like modern warfare 2019 or destinty 2 or maybe even pubg.I know that resolution and graphics is based on gpu side so lowering resolution or graphics settings would be meaningless if I have a cpu bottleneck.
  3. Oh sorry.Ill be careful next time, thanks.
  4. So it could make the performance of my device for example games when I increase the value of minimum width?Thanks for for the reply btw.
  5. Does changing the value of minimum width in developer option change my screen dpi or ppi?does it affect the performance of my phone when increasing its value?
  6. Is the bios of the nitro 5 amd version supposed to look like this?and I want to find the option to use my graphics card in the bios since radeon settings is not doing it for me.it keeps using the integrated graphics for games.and where should I update my bios? For acer website or the laptops manufactures website?
  7. oh and btw I think the staff that was installing the drivers for this laptop installed the drivers from the acer laptop website or from device manager since theres no amd catalyst or the amd settings for my video card so I installed it again from the amd website and should I have deleted the old video drivers before installing a new one?
  8. you mean this website? https://www.amd.com/en
  9. Where should I downlaod my graphics cards driver for my nitro 5 laptop rx560x? on amd website or laptop manufactures website?