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  1. Knightdroid250

    720p vs 900p

    gtx 760 2gb
  2. Knightdroid250

    720p vs 900p

    oof half my fps Nooooo!ahaha well Thanks though
  3. Knightdroid250

    720p vs 900p

    I see,Thanks
  4. Knightdroid250

    720p vs 900p

    oh ok ,Thanks
  5. Knightdroid250

    720p vs 900p

    yeah though I prefer to keep my graphical detail atleast at medium settings.Thanks oh and ah will overclocking my gpu make my fps higher if im cpu limited?
  6. Knightdroid250

    720p vs 900p

    I see,thanks oh and ah will overclocking my gpu increase my fps if Im cpu limited?
  7. Knightdroid250

    720p vs 900p

    wait 80%?that much?
  8. Knightdroid250

    720p vs 900p

    Is there a big difference between 720p and 900p in terms of fps?
  9. Knightdroid250

    Vsync vs Adaptive Vsync half refreshed?

    So im planning on gaming on 30fps lock since my pc cant handle other games at constant 60fps and was wondering if theres a difference in smoothness when enabling vsync in nvidia control panel or vsync half refreshed?
  10. Thanks for replying and awesome setup btw.though Im still having second thoughts about the 6th gen i3 will keep in mind what you said though, thanks.
  11. yeah but still pc prices here in the philippines are more expensive than other countries like this ryzen 5 it cost around 110 dollar here.
  12. I'll keep that in mind.thanks
  13. Yeah though ryzen is out of my budget.
  14. Which is better for gaming?Im looking for something to pair to a gtx 760 2gb since I just bought this graphics card.planning on using it to play apex legends and I know this gpu would stuggle for this game so I dont mind lowering the resolution up to 720p and maybe medium settings.
  15. Knightdroid250

    75hz monitor vs 60hz

    Is 60fps on games in a 75hz monitor smoother than 60fps on 60hz monitor? Edit: Ok so I think people are not getting my idea.What I mean is if im gonna be playing for example tekken 7 which is locked at 60fps and cannot go any higher will playing it on a 75hz monitor be smoother than a 60hz monitor?