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  1. Just trying to run programs in Java, and yeah I've restarted my PC after changing environment variables,
  2. So I was having some issues with Java so decided to uninstall and reinstall, but now as the fresh install ends it has the following error: "Error: Could Not Create The Java Virtual Machine, a fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.". I have been searching for fixes for a while, and have tried Adding the _JAVA_OPTIONS to System Variables and Opening java.exe with admin rights. Any other fixes or something I've missed? Thanks.
  3. So I’m looking to upgrade my CPU, as I currently have an i3-6100 paired with a GTX 970, causing a bottleneck. So which CPU would be best to pair with this graphics card, preferably sticking with the current LGA1151 motherboard for a budget of around £200 (~$257USD). Thanks!
  4. I currently own a Gigabyte g1 sniper G7, and an i3-6100 (be nice), and looking to upgrade my CPU to something around the price of the i5-8400 (£169.99), but not sure if my motherboard is compatible. I know that they both have the same socket fitting but not sure if the newer CPU would work on an older board. Thanks