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  1. is there a way to connect it without bluetooth
  2. got new keyboard however it needs bluetooth which my pc dont have wat can i do other than get a dongel
  3. tbf im getting new gpu soon anyway will it last another month or so?
  4. i didnt monitor temps earlier but atm they seem ok and i am running a similar load to the most recent black screen
  5. i have tried to clean the dust but coudnt get the card open due to not having the right screwdriver and dunno how old thermal paste is as its 2nd hand but i havent changed it since i got it almost a year ago
  6. hi i have a gtx 470 and so far its black screened on me 3 times today and ived had to switch the pc off and on to get it to work again the first 2 times it was loud but the most recent it stayed at normal volume is this a sign my graphics card is dying or is a monitor issue? also it has never black screened on me b4 so this is weird
  7. so i put back together pc it got to the bios screen as wanted to check temps and after leaving the bios it shut itself off and im scared to boot it back up
  8. yep i hve gtx 470 cable could have been knocked when i put the pc back on its side
  9. i will check cables in morning
  10. i had a 500gb hdd sat in my pc doing nothing so after removing i put the ssd in but not with the seater thing as i have seen main youtubers just connect the ssd and leave it roaming in the pc also i coudnt fit the front fan and assuming it was alright i put back together my pc and hooked up all the wires however upong booting the screen was a mess just green and pink lines and the system made some weird noises which stopped after i turn both switches at the wall off should i be concerned ?
  11. no idea what a capacitator is but ok and cpu has thermal paste that isnt dry
  12. tried dat once and the psu died in a few days