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  1. Nothing like exhuming an old thread, ey? But I just spend some days with the Beyerdynamic T1, 2nd generation, and I can fully confirm that these suck. Not everything about them and not with every music though. Choirs performing Gospel and Spirtuals sounded fantasic, almost out of this world. Same for female singer-songwriters with small bands. Also, small jazz ensembles sounded like pure bliss. As soon as I tried to listen to something more "difficult", something with more instruments and more dynamic ranges, things fell apart before my eyes, ahm, ears. It's allmost as if the T! cannot cope with the sonic requirements of rock bands, big bands or orchesters. Everythings sounds tinny and shrill and dissected into little ugly pieces. Of course the folks on the forums told me I am doing it all wrong by listening to the T1 plugged to the headphone jack of my 2.000-Dollar-Receiver. "You need a special Headphone amp", I was told. Well, I agree that a dedicated Headphone Amp should and often can make Cans sound even better, but no flagship headphone should sound like total crap out of the jack of a pretty good Stereo-Amp. I tend to agree that Beyerdynamic messed up and the fanboys out there are all shouting: "Look at the beautiull clothes of gthe naked emperor!°"