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  1. I got it , the post code was just displaying different numbers making me skeptical,but I got the 10900k stable at 5.2 GHz stable temps at 37c .I just used some real world testing by playing insurgency sandstorm worked great fps is buttery thanks for responding to me and being helpful
  2. I'm using that digital display I turned it off for fear I'm might burn down my rig ,I'm might be just paranoid
  3. I'm using the term on the manual,but it's a digital display that shows numbers in sets of two ,no when I power it on it says 65 on the display not even past the bios yet I'll check the fan and see what's going on with it , weird cause it wasn't acting up on my z390 just a week ago
  4. I recently bought a z490 gigabyte vision d mobo,I put the CPU everything turns on but digtal node says 65 c and above or does the node mean something else ,never had a digital node on my other motherboards,also one of my fans not related to the CPU fan isn't spinning but lights turn on I can see it jerking though maybe once but then nothing but lights being that this is a brand new cpu I just shut the computer off so it didn't overheat,I got a thermaltake 360 aio hooked up to i9 but it doesn't seem to be working or is the node calibrating,please help I trolled the internet and couldn't really find a decent topic with right references to my issue
  5. All three drives are working in Harmony,had to reformat the drive causing me issues ,now downloading the lost data .thanks for you response and help
  6. Im confused, can't I just boot with m.2 into windows on z370 and format the 850 that's causing the issue and then try to boot all over again on z390 board
  7. I should just reformat the 850 Evo and problem solved yes? I mean hopefully, unfortunately I'll have to reinstall z370 to do it on as that's the only board that recognizes all 3 ssds with no error.
  8. I think I might have to choose your third option ,I did clone m.2 960 pro fr 850evo and that must be why it's occuring on new motherboard .but it's weird it doesn't do it on z370 where I cloned it from long ago .
  9. When I disable the 850 Evo where the bootmanger is it lets the m.2 boot in flawlessly with the other 850 Evo I have that's 500gb no problmes .just apparently problmes when I boot in with the one 850 that has some old windows files on it apparently,funny thing is the problem doesn't occur on my z370 gigabyte board so it's really odd
  10. Just got a gigabyte z390motherboard I have windows installed on m.2 , however I have two other ssds and apparently my 1 tb ssd has a windows boot manger on it ,could that be the issue and I should just wipe the whole ssd
  11. Ok cool . thanks for the zippy response.
  12. Might be a silly question.... But is adding another 1 tb m.2 nvme ssd running me out of pci lanes, if I got one m.2 nvme ssd already and two ssd plus my 1080 ti. My question is I'm I trying to do too much ? Or do I need a better cpu?