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  1. Can I run a rx570 8gb and a Quadro 600 together? Or is that not possible?
  2. yes aio is plugged into pump header, i have also tried it on other mobos and its working very good on other cpus.
  3. temp in bios is high, still haven't had much time to fix the issue yet.
  4. will post back in a while gotta get it hocked up and going move some stuff around also.
  5. ill have to double check that. could be could not. never know though.
  6. motherboard does have VRMS but that shouldn't even be getting hot with no overclock. i have another system that is a i7 3770 with a bclk overclock to 4.3ghz cpu never goes over 46c..
  7. ill have to check didn't really want to turn it on since it did that but ill check and get back to you.
  8. it just doesn't make sense on what it could be. maybe mobo or CPU causing problems
  9. pretty straight forward on how to install a CPU cooler that i have installed many times on different computers.
  10. i am using thermal paste been building pcs for quite sometime now. i have read online that it could be malware that could possibly cause this issue
  11. i have a ryzen 7 2700x with no overclock even memory, when idle it sits around 90c, when i start playing games or going on the internet i believe its getting to hot and shutting down, i have tried different coolers i thought my pump when on my aio but tried that on a different CPU and temp is good pump is working, then tried a arctic cooler and same result. the most i have seen it hit was 110c and thats really hot..Can anyone help?
  12. That's the vt so smaller one. It does have shit airflow
  13. How good is the airflow for a 360mm rad in the front of this case?
  14. I think I may have found one that would nice to get great storage great for my fans also water cooling in the future. ( Thermaltake level 20xt )
  15. I would but I have a friend that has this case. Did some hands on experience not really what I am looking for. But thank you for the reply.
  16. Seems to be quite expensive would be a nice one though thank for the reply
  17. Looking for a case that has great storage great airflow and is a atx or e-atx case.
  18. use aptoide, its a third party app store somewhat like google play, download the app then search for YouTube red and install the app then you're set, also plays in the background and when you're phone is off, only downside is that you cant sign in, but that doesn't bother everyone.
  19. thank you.. whats the best site to download from?
  20. i have just bought a new GPU AMD graphics, how would i uninstall the old NVIDIA drives without reinstalling windows 10?