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  1. Hello, so i have been thinking about upgrading my computer in a long time. I bought this system when I finished highschool for about 1.000 EUR and myself and the system aged a bit. http://www.userbenchmark.com/PCBuilder/Custom/S2130-M1872.7661.325.420.44130vsS2130-M1872.153864.325.420.44130?tab=GPU On this website i have put in my current computer on the left side and added the new card that i might want to get on the right (gtx 1060 6gb). My couple of Questions are: Will this be overkill for the rest of my pc? Is it wise now to wait for the release of the next gen Nvidia xx60 to buy a card? Is it even logical to upgrade my CPU as well to a "newest" CPU that can use my motherboard (i think a i5-4460) or would i need to get a new motherboard as well for a real jump? The main gameing uses for my pc are: Pubg (min settings min resolution or my system overheats), LoL (medium settings), between 3-7 Clients of EVE Online at the same time on potatomode (min everything besides resolution). I have two monitors connected to my R9 280x from Acer K222HQL line (one newest gen one and older version) Thanks for your help and excuse my poor choice of words as this is my third language.