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  1. Worried you won't have enough time for the unit? Well we have both active duty and reserve components available to you. Active duty need to make 60% of their events each month (culmination of squad training, platoon training, and operations). Reservists need to attend 1 squad, 1 platoon, and 1 operation each month.
  2. We have a wide variety of positions in the unit! You choose your MOS, we have Riflemen, Automatic Riflemen, Grenadiers, Medics, Machinegunners, and Anti-Tank Specialists. Whatever role you pick, you'll be trained on how to most effectively use your roles in combat.
  3. Love to fly in Arma 3? Once you reach the rank of PFC, you can join the 12th CAB who insert infantry into the battlefield and do CAS runs for us!
  4. The 173rd Airborne takes pride in being the distinct and go-to unit for airborne & light infantry operations. Our goal is to provide you with an authentic experience based on real US Army standards without sacrificing any gameplay. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Mission: The 173rd Airborne Brigade is a real US Army unit stationed in Europe and serves as a conventional strategic response force for Europe. Our goal as a milsim community is to provide a realistic and authentic experience based on real world counterpart. Structure inside the unit is based on the US Army rank system and is utilized to reward hard work and dedication to the unit. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Unit: In order to accomplish our goals we offer a wide variety of training courses and staff postions in which players can perfect and hone their skills. All our courses are based on the real US Army courses but designed to fit the game. As a milsim / realism unit we require role-playing during training and operations to ensure everyone has a good experience. This might all sound very serious but during our off time our milsim unit becomes a very relaxed community that enjoys a large variety of games. Where we differ from most units is that when we start official unit events we switch to our serious side and get things done. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Community: The most important aspect of our unit is the community it creates. Making friendships and long lasting bonds is what keeps groups of people together and we wouldn't be here if all we did was serious milsim. We emphasize that the unit is our unit as it is ran by the whole community and not a single person. We value each and every member and everyone has a chance to contribute to better the unit. If you think this is something you want to take part in we hope you consider enlisting and experience what we have to offer. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Requirements: Applicant must be at least 16 years old. Applicant must be able to communicate fluently in English both verbally and in writing. Applicant must own ARMA 3 and be able to play the game with additional mods. Applicant must not be a member of any other MilSim unit or community that would prevent him from attending official unit events. Applicant must utilize a role-play friendly name. The name with which you apply does not need to be your real name, but it must be a realistic name that can be utilized easily in combat. Applicant should have an internet connection with speeds in excess of 5Mbps downstream and 1Mbps upstream to North American servers. NOTE: All soldiers are required to own Arma 3 Apex expansion. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Feel Free to Come Talk to the Community on our TS3 server @ TS3.173rd.us or PM us about enlisting today!