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  1. Ijaz1t

    Editing PC build planning

    Okay, but I am confused as I don't know which one to pick or should I just go with the 1950x?
  2. Ijaz1t

    Editing PC build planning

    Yeah I think I should wait for it too, unless it is overpriced, I will try to get it.
  3. Ijaz1t

    Editing PC build planning

    Yes I checked, the i7 7820x looks good but I still want to go with an i9 or a threadripper 1950x. Thanks.
  4. Ijaz1t

    Editing PC build planning

    Thanks, this looks great. However, I was thinking of making it a better processor, something like the i9 because I need this for longterm and do you think I would be better off with 64gb Ram if I go the i9 route?. Thanks again.
  5. Ijaz1t

    Editing PC build planning

    Maybe gaming, but that is on rare occasions as I don't play much and the only game I would play will hardly play on 1080p so I am pretty sure it would be fine on any computer
  6. Ijaz1t

    Editing PC build planning

    Hello, thanks for replying(thought I'd get no replies) and Premiere, after effects and vegas pro. Sorry for the late reply, thought I'd get emails if someone replied..
  7. Hello everyone, hope you're all having a wonderful day. I just need help and advice planning my first PC build. I need a good PC which can smoothly edit up to 4k footage, run 3 monitors(1 4k and others just normal FHD) and a 4k tv. I have not spent any money so far and have just been trying to plan a good PC that will last a long time. A few of my friends have suggested these ideas; 1920x with a GTX 1080 or i7 8th gen. I was first thinking of going big with a really high budget and an overkill PC with i9 7980xe, GTX 1080Ti, 64gb Ram. I dont even know much about build but I've tried to do some research and get an idea of what I want. Money isn't really a problem, its just that I don't want to over spend money on something that I will only use for editing and rarely 4k footage. Thank you for reading. Please reply if you could help me out with suggestions. Enjoy your day.