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  1. Hi guys, I have a Gammaxx 400 heatsink and I was wondering if it would be possible to use thermal grizzly conductonaut on it. They say it can't be used with aluminum heatsinks. The bottom of the gammaxx 400 has 4 copper heatpipes and i'm not sure what the other material is. It looks like it's probably aluminum, I just wanted to double check. I will be using it on both my CPU and GPU. If not compatible I was thinking of using thermal grizzly kryonaut, thoughts? Thanks
  2. BreadPug

    Stock GPU overheating

    I ran Kombustor for a while with the front panel on and off with the GPU fan speed set at 100% default. The result was about a 6*C difference. ~75* with panel off and ~81* with the panel on.
  3. BreadPug

    Stock GPU overheating

    So you suggest I have no exhaust fans in my PC?
  4. BreadPug

    Stock GPU overheating

    Hi guys, I was looking into overclocking my GPU with MSI Afterburner and Kombustor and I ran a quick test at stock settings and I'm seeing that my GPU temps are sitting quite high. I ran it for about 10 minutes and my peak temp was 84*C. I had the fan speed set on auto and it was hovering at around 80% and I know that they're spinning correctly because I can hear it when I crank them up to 100% manually. Build for reference: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/bNVC4q The Corsair case fan is one of my intake fans and the other three fans in the case are stock fans from an NZXT Phantom 410 case. 2 120mm intake fans at the front, 1 120mm exhaust fan at the back, and 1 140mm exhaust fan at the top. All my case fans are set to maximum speed via BIOS.