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  1. i think my cases intake air fan is the loudest or my CPU fan
  2. if i go the watercooling route will that be quieter or just the same amount of loudness as my current air cooling setup?
  3. another question is there a way to quiet down a mechanical keyboard so your microphone doesnt keep picking it up everytime you type on it?
  4. i heard if i undervolt the CPU itll make the cpu fan run slower and quieter should that be something i should condcider also will undervolting/underclocking some of my PC stuff make the fans right quieter?
  5. i mean is there a way to make my current fans quieter without effectin performance?
  6. large case 6 fans and this CPU cooler specifically https://www.amazon.com/Cooler-Master-Hyper-Direct-Contact/dp/B005O65JXI/ref=sr_1_4?crid=2QS29XJX9ERUC&keywords=heatsink&qid=1582160941&sprefix=heatsink%2Caps%2C394&sr=8-4 for the CPU ok not exact but same brand
  7. i decided i dont want my pc making so much noise could someone give me suggestions on how i can quiet it down without losing to much performance? my rig is asrock motherboard z370 extreme4 i7 8700k GTX 1660 ti 8GB DDR4 ram stick i think thats all i need to tell
  8. ill figure it out after sleep cause i just want a command that makes a number go up on the streamlabs screen when someone types in the command cause i want to create a like dislike system
  9. i tried it and it does not do what i need it to do
  10. yes i see it but i dont see in cloudbot the thing im gonna use
  11. what im trying to do is create a like dislike system similar to youtube as in when someone says !like the number next to the like appears and so does the oppsiote how do i do that im really tired and i just need a direct answer
  12. i want to put a number on screen and have a command increase it by one can someone tell me how to do that?
  13. i had an idea to create a like dislike system in my twitch streams and i want to know how to create commands that make numbers increase by 1