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  1. It's silicon Power
  2. Both of the manufacturers advertise same speeds so which is the better option. There is 1000₹ (14$) difference between them. My usecase I'm going to use it as an OS drive and gonna store some frequently played games and all.
  3. Thanks for the advice tho.. R5 3500 in India https://mdcomputers.in/amd-hexa-core-ryzen-5-3500.html?sort=p.price&order=ASC
  4. 3600 is out of budget and in India eBay shipping costs more or half of the price of the GPU
  5. So my friend wants a PC for gaming at 1080p. He is students he would not be able to upgrade it anytime soon, so what would be a better option i3 9100f with 1660 Or i5 9400f with 1650 Or R5 3500 with 1650 Both i5 & R5 costs same no difference. His overall budget for CPU+Mobo+ram+power supply+GPU+1080p monitor is 40k INR (565$) you can can suggest your own configuration he already have a HDD and Cabinet
  6. It works?? The memory kit??
  7. This memory kit is compatible with the following config??? Ryzen R5 3600 MSI b450 tomahawk max I can't find it listed.
  8. I know that RX cards are good but ray tracing this how you can get YT views in India.
  9. Dude I'm from India shipping and duty charges are way to much.
  10. 1080p 144Hz LG ultragear PUBG, Competitive games , OBS as for streaming. Country India budget 100000 INR (1400$)
  11. Here's Some parts I have picked for my future streaming & gaming rig. CPU R5 3600 MOBO MSI B450 tomahawk/Asus B450 Strix COOLER Yet to be decided GPU Nvidia RTX 2070S FE RAM Gskill Sniper X 8x2 3600mhz STORAGE Adata 256gb nvme + 3TB HDD CORSAIR CX 650 CASE Cooler master MB520 All this costs me 100000₹ (1400$) Any suggestions or opinions?
  12. I'm using Case - Cooler master masterbox mb250 Ram - gskill Sniper X mdcomputers.in primeabgb.com Amazon.in Vedantcomputers.com There the sites which are most popular in India for PC components
  13. Here's my question What would be the best system for Gaming+Streaming??? R5 3600 + 2070Super R7 2700x + 2070Super And What encoder should I use Nvenc or H264??
  14. Ok but in summer my room gets pretty hot ~40°c so will it be reliable
  15. So here's my question what would be the best cooling option for Ryzen 5 3600, I'm planning to buy one of these but I can't choose as these costs sub 5000₹ (70-80$). I live in India where the weather is quite extreme summers 40°c - 45°c are way to hot winter ~20°c and not everyone in India can afford a A/C unit. I'm using my PC for approx more than 15hrs a day gaming and streaming. What would be the best of me Air or AIO. Edit (Those are not my PC temps)