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  1. Yes, I guest I'll see how much a higher gain antenna helps. The tower seems to crap out fairly regularly, I'm assuming it's because it's serving a lot of people. If the Yagi does not do the trick, I'll try a parabolic dish.
  2. Thanks I've got a a booster with an omnidirectional antenna, going to swap for a directional Yagi one since I've found the exact location of the tower. Hopefully that helps.
  3. That's my strongest option so far, but LOS is an issue since the house is in a bit of a valley. Maybe with a 60 ft tower.
  4. I've seen that video, but will that work with two entirely different sources? And I already looked into running fiber. Nearest node is 8 miles away. It would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to run it.
  5. So, my internet sucks. Really sucks. I moved to a rural area and no ISPs pipe out this far. No fiber, no DSL, nothing. Tried to set up business class internet and it's a no go in my area. The only option is satellite. Currently using the top consumer teir of Viasat. And other than the ping (800ms), it's "okay" during clear days (~50-70mb down, 1-15 up) but the network gets congested at night and usually slows below 1mb down. When it rains (here or at the ground unit) it stops outright. The $170/mo bill is pretty wack for internet this bad, but I would pay double that for fiber if I could get it. At night, or during cloudy days I have been tethering my phone with PDAnet+ for 20mb-ish outside of peak hours. But it's still slow AF during peak hours from 6pm-2am when I want to be streaming movies and whatnot. Is there a way to run the satellite and tether connections in parallel to get better speeds? Or perhaps run two phones together? Any other ideas?
  6. Silly me, it was the OS. Installed Windows 10 and it works. Strange though, considering I have 8.1 on a different rig and everything is working fine with that.
  7. Just an update, installed Studio One and it loads up fine! So it looks like the issue may indeed be with Ableton, contrary to my earlier thought. I'm gonna mess with drivers and if that doesn't work I will try a new OS.
  8. Tried turning off HT and disabling all but 1 and then all but 4 core. No dice.
  9. So, unfortunately the Ableton forums don't allow troubleshooting questions in the forum. Stupid. But I opened a support ticket anyway. It should be noted that this isn't a problem exclusive to Ableton. Anything that runs on the .net framework has an issue.
  10. Trying to get this new rig working properly and I'm pulling my hair out at this point. Building a DAW/gaming rig. The primary use of this rig is to run Ableton Live 10, Pro Tools, Studio One and some other music related stuff, along with some casual gaming. Most of my work is done within Ableton and that is my biggest concern. I am having an issue getting Ableton to run. Throws a generic crash dialog with no code. "A Serious Error has Occurred..." Here is what I have done so far and I'm baffled. -4 reinstalls of Windows 8.1 (one via DVD, three via USB) -Way too many reinstalls of Ableton and Microsoft .Net Framework -Update Windows -Update BIOS -Replace MOBO and update BIOS -Replace CPU -Swapped in the System Drive SSD (SATA) from my currently functional AMD rig (booted up fine but threw the same error) -Try each stick of memory, individually, in different channels. -Different GPU -Cry a lot Specs: ASUS Prime Deluxe X299 7900x Thermaltake 360mm AIO with fans in push-pull 32GB (4x8GB) Ballistix Sport 2666 Rosewill Xtreme 80plus Bronze 750w (had a brand new one laying around, old but unused) Nvidia 1060 (also tried an old R7 360) Samsung 870 Evo 500GB M.2 NVME (system drive) WD Blue M.2 SSD 1TB (having an issue now with this drive not being seen, even in the bios and disk manager) WTF am I missing here? This setup should be totally overkill for Ableton.
  11. I'll rephrase...Distro recommendations
  12. Hey! Looking for recommendations on what to run on my multi use storage server. Just built a new 7900x based audio workstation, so I'm turning my old FX9590 rig into a server. Current setup: Sabertooth 990fx R2.0 FX9590 @ 4.7 16 gig G Skill Samsung 840 Pro 128gb (OS) 4x1TB RAID 10 WD Blue (2012) 1 Hitachi 3TB R7 360 Planning on adding 1 more 3TB and 2 5TB drives Uses: 1: FTP server via Filezilla (using the current RAID 10) 2: Media Archive (mostly audio) on the 3TB drives 3: Nightly backup from my main workstation to the 5TB drives What OS and backup utility would you all recommend? Linux is preferred.