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  1. I have decided to go for the AMD build instead since I really value the render speeds over gaming. However i tweaked a few things.. Does this look good? *Is the MOBO ok? *Will i be able to overclock slightly (4.2 approx) *Will the RAM run at its fullest potential (3200mhz) I will buy two Samsung 860's 500GB from another website and then the 11series or potentially a 1080ti if the prices drop. And on a side note, if anyone has any recommendations for a 27inch 1440p monitor with good colors and an above average refreshrate screen i'm all ears :-) I got my eyes on this one for now: https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/review/displays/msi-optix-mag27cq-review-3673473/ Thanks again to everyone who has helped!
  2. So would this be a better option? Or are there cheaper alternatives that supports 4 slots of ram with 3200mhz plus some overclocking capabilites? https://www.inet.se/produkt/1900454/asus-rog-maximus-x-hero Or perhaps: https://www.inet.se/produkt/1900463/asus-prime-z370-a Are you saying that the MÓBO you first linked doesn't support Intels igpus? DIdn't know the Mobo decides wether it uses igpus or not, thought it just had to do with the CPU.
  3. -So you don't think I should go for the 2700x? From what iv'e seen i'd loose about 10% in gaming and gain 20% in multithread workloads such as rendering and such. But since I do game alot maybe it wouldn't be so bad to use the 8700k. And since i'll be waiting for the 11series I would also have the built in integrated GPU within the 8700k, compared to if i went with the 2700x which does not have built in graphics. -Why the Mini ATX? What are the drawbacks and what do i gain? Since I probably will be upgrading to 32gb RAM the MOBO doesn't allow me if I were to go with your 2x8GB ram sticks. The Z370 only has 2 ram slots. So is there a good single stick 16GB that is good enough? Heard that it's better to run 2x8 instead of a single 16, is that true? Thanks for taking your time to help me!
  4. Inet is a very good website, i ordered my first dekstop there like 6 years ago. From what I can see they got 1 year warranty and support. But I don't know if each part has it's own warranty from the manufacturer. I've heard that PSUs usually has 3+ years in warranty. And regarding the price. I picked out components based on brands that i already know about. I don't HAVE to go for a samsung ssd, but I have had it before so that's my reasoning behind some of the parts. I could go with cheaper parts, as long as they perform the same as the other ones. Thanks, i'll take a look at what you had in mind!
  5. The price compared to where you live might be a bit different since we pay alot more taxes in Sweden, so they are quite normal for us here. Iv'e built 2 desktops before but for like 70 dollars I can get it built by the website i'm ordering it from.
  6. Not really! But I'll take your advice and go for the Meshify instead! Do you have any idea what the length of the new 11series GPUs will be like? No reason to worry about it fitting into the chassi?
  7. Yeah I think i'll go for the AMD one. I don't have to spend extra money on a cooler aswell since it has a decent one in the box. Thanks!
  8. And I thought I knew alot about computer parts.. Mobos seems so out of reach for the consumers in terms of actually knowing what they do. But thanks alot for the input, really appreciated!
  9. Hi there! Iv'e posted on a Swedish forum but no one is answering and I'm in some urgent need for advice since I have to order the parts within a week. I'm getting my money back for my Alienware 15 r4, 24000kr or roughly 2678 USD (just take the price times 9 to get swedish price). I'm building a rendering/3d modeling dekstop for my 3D courses for school that I will occasionally game on. I will be using programs such as Maya, 3ds max, premier, photoshop, texture painter, zbrush etc etc. I was thinking about ryzen 2700x for the increased cores but i'm still not sure. Here are 2 different builds that iv'e put together, one with intel and one with amd cpus. When looking at the two build don't factor in the GPU since i will be waiting for the 11series. I know the prices are in Swedish Kronor but i'm guessing you have the same parts in the US/Canada etc. What i want to know is if the MOBO's in each build makes sense for me. I want to do some light overclocking, eventually upgrade my SSD later on, and also put in another 16gb of more ram. Can both of my builds do that? And if theres anything else i should factor in when making a 3D work/gaming build? I'll also be using a 27inch 1440p monitor. https://www.inet.se/produkt/b1020458/rendreringsdator And the other one.. https://www.inet.se/produkt/b1020467/intel-build Feel free to change all of the parts if you want, i'm up for suggestions. I want to get my as cheap as possible, so this is around the maximum I will go for my budget unless you can motivate me into spending more money ofcourse Best regards!