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  1. Fensbo

    i need help to reset my pc

    Ok thanks
  2. Fensbo

    i need help to reset my pc

    it's just slower and i've had it for many years so i would also just like to get rid of all the junk on my pc
  3. Fensbo

    i need help to reset my pc

    i'd like to optimize speed, performance and storage by resetting the computer completely
  4. Fensbo

    i need help to reset my pc

    I want to optimize my pc without risk of needing a windows key or something like that. What will happen if I use the menu in windows called ''Reset this pc''
  5. first of all thanks for helping, and second how bad is a INTEL i5-4460 3.20GHz can it bottleneck the GTX 1070 strix because in Denmark the Xeon e3 1226 v3 cost about 309 Dollars
  6. i have but that's not the case for me. i mean if my CPU is to bad, i mean in the video he used a WAAAAY better CPU than i have
  7. if i buy a gtx 1070 Strix will my pc run fast, even though i have pretty badspecs, like my cpu and stuff.basically what i mean is, is the GPU just what does all the work or do ineed to buy a better CPU to get my pc running good?I currently have in my pc: GeforceGTX 750 TI, 16 GB RAM, INTEL i5-4460 3.20GHzi don't know if there is any thing more you need to know.