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  1. I'm not too bothered about messing with the PSU cables to make it "look better" so if I can cram cables into empty drive bays I'll probably do that Interesting build, however I don't think I'm ready to consider a water cooled system as of right now lol. At the moment I'm going with a more traditional/simple build since I don't want to overextend too much. I was thinking of saving the water cooled stuff for my 2nd pc build in the far future.
  2. Unless I'm missing something here this actually looks like a solid build, thanks. Do you think there's any minor tweaks I could/should do if I wanted the build to be better, even if I go slightly over budget? Trying to consider all my options
  3. I'll consider that cooler for the cpu, thanks. I'll also grab 1080ti, felt a bit like overkill to me but who knows what games will come out in the future. And yes I'll probably be transferring quite large files for work related reasons/moving files from one place to another. Did consider getting a regular 850 when it was on sale but that ship sailed lol.
  4. The board was an aspect of future proofing, I did know it was overkill at the time. But lets say I kept the board I chose, then like 3 months down the line I change it up to a overclocked CPU, would the build you made still work out? he HDD was mostly a placeholder seeing as I started making this build at 10pm and finished at 12pm, I was getting sleep deprived and threw w/e in there, I'll obviously be looking for something cheaper and retweaking the v1.0 of my pc build. Getting a build like this for only £1218 is very nice and I'm definitely keeping it saved for the future, thanks.
  5. I did pick the Z370 mostly incase I change my mind about overclocking in the future but this still looks great, thanks, What about recommended CPU cooling fan? On this PC? Perhaps some light photo editing and I'll probably work on the PC too. My work involves a lot of stuff but the most noteworthy part is working with VM's running on the PC itself and on servers.Though this isn't a main focus of the build; if it works it works, if it doesn't then too bad so sad. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I see, I did have a feeling this would be the case and considered an SLI setup, but I also know that not everything supports it. I'll definitely keep this in mind.
  6. First post on the forum so forgive me for not adding tags, I really don't know what to tag this with. I currently own a Dell xps 15 9560 which I only upgraded to 24 gb of ram (I couldn't be bothered to get another 16 gb stick) and I use this for work. Just tried to play Monster Hunter World and cried at the frame rate, to be fair I wasn't expecting much out of it lol. I have no experience in building PC's what so ever but I am learning and have seen a few pc build guides like linus's $1,000 gaming pc build guide,. Anyways I'm looking to build a PC with these things in mind -PSU that supplies more power than the components need, so I can upgrade to better parts in the future if need be -Able to run triple A games at 4k 60fps at least -Smaller SSD for boot larger HDD for storage ofc -Non-overclocked CPU since this is a first build and I don't want to fiddle with that Budget is £1,500 but I am willing to go higher if there's reasonable justification to go higher. The budget is only for the PC itself, I already have plans to sort out the other extra stuff. With all that in mind I threw this build together, minus things like cpu cooling fan, thermal paste and cables, I really didn't know what to choose. (https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/3khPQZ) What do you think of this build? I really don't know what goes into deciding which PC parts are good and which are bad so a helping hand is always nice.