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  1. So I built a new system at the beginning of the summer and reused my old GPU as a placeholder until I had funds to get a new one. Currently I'm using a ryzen 1600 and an R7 250x ( I know its old). My method for saving money for this is simple, I use the acorns app that does a "keep the change" transfer for me to an account accruing about $30-$50 bucks a month depending on my spending habits. Currently I'm setting at $170 USD. So around October I could buy a 1060, which I think is the best option to make a balanced system. In your opinion is there a lesser card that would be balanced like a rx 580? is the price point worth it? And the million dollar question, 1160/2060 is the "mid-tier" upgrade card is rumored to come out when I'm ready to buy. So what are the specs on that thing predicted to be and price?