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  1. Yes...I asked, because You want to overclock it, and I don't know if a air cooler can do 5,0GHz But when you buy a good Air cooler, and have a good CPU for Overclocking (That's Luck) it's possible
  2. Yes, that is better for cooling and cheaper than itx. And by the way, do you want to cool your System with a Water Cooling or an Air Cooleing System?
  3. I recommend you to use a Monitor, that is made for Photo editing. They are more Expensive, but have some extra Features and they arepractically for Professional Photo editing. If you don't want to spend so much Money I can say you use a IPS panel. Nothing else. The colors are better on a IPS Panel. That is a must have. And they aren't so expensive. LG Willi
  4. When it isn't so important I think you should wait until the new generation is out and then buy the 10x Generation, because then the are many cheaper. What formfaktor do you want?
  5. That dependes on the programm many of these have a GPU rendering mode. That's many faster. Yes, that sounds Great
  6. Sorry for the Name WilliDieEnte, thats German and means WilliTheDuck... Do not ask why a Duck? Why not Somthing else? Well... I don't know...

    1. Windows7ge


      As you spend time here you'll see usernames that you'll question more than you think others question yours.


      Welcome to the forum. Be sure to read the Community Standards before posting. I've seen too many new people have their first posts taken down because they posted a topic that was taboo to this forum.

  7. No, no a Single 4GB 1066mhz ddr2 Ram stick. Only 2 of them Sorry LG Willi