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  1. I've got 16GB of crucial ballistix tactical low profile memory. when I'm gaming and with some programs open it wont use over 9GB the ram always ran stable. Thanks for thinking along.
  2. Hello, So, I found out that when my PC is completely rebooted, (mostly after windows updates because I always turn my PC to sleep) my mouse starts spacing everywhere when im playing games, making them inpossible to play. Its caused by a high CPU load, and I looked it up and people say its a common thing. But.. when I used my PC for like a day, its gone. I checked if nothing was running in the background and nothing is. my game is taking like 80-90% of the CPU making it running at full load all the time. I've got a delided i5 4690K 4.6 GHZ paired with a gtx 1080 pushing a 144hz 1080p monitor, so I need all the frames I can get. Anyone knows whats causing this "lagg"?
  3. lucasvdb02

    gtx 1080 bottleneck i5 4690k @ 4.4Ghz

    1080p yes, thanks
  4. Hello, im new to this forum, and I am planning an upgrade for my rig, I want to upgrade my sapphire R9 280X to a gpu that can handle AAA titles in high/max setting on 144FPS so, i thought a gtx 1080 would do the job. So i want to know if the cpu will extremely bottleneck the gpu. thanks already =========================== i want to GAME on it the cpu is a 4690K @ 4.4ghz i dont know the gpu yet, probabely a 1080 ===========================