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  1. I want to buy an RTX 2060 but my monitor only has a DVI port where as the card only has DP and HDMI is there a way i can make it work??
  2. What is flashing the bios? Is there a way to get newer updates for it because all over the bios is said like 2014 and pretty sure it says bios version 2014
  3. Is there a way I can update my motherboard or smth like i got this a few years ago and haven’t done any updates or anything to the motherboard
  4. In the boot it only goes up to 4 cores and still in task manager it says 2 cores and cpu-z says 4 cores 4 threads
  5. All the cores are now showing there but I turned on the pc and it’s still showing exactly the same as it was before in CPU-Z and task manager
  6. Alright should I go back into the bios to see if the last 2 cores are enabled ?
  7. Just went into that don’t understand what I’m seeing
  8. Here’s some photos of the bios I took with my phone not sure where to go
  9. I havent even opened games yet i just wanted to get this sorted first. Also i havent looked in the bios as i dont really understand how it works and would have no idea what to do or where to look How would i reset bios and where would i check to see if theyre disabled?
  10. I know its very old but i managed to get an fx-8350 cheap and since i cant afford expensive upgrades i bought it, i installed it fine however it isnt detected all the cores and threads or something? its meant to be an 8 core processor but in task manager it shows 2 cores and in cpu-z it shows 4 https://gyazo.com/a51ce7f139d3fe70345e813d254fe6c8 https://gyazo.com/8a07ec86c745e6fef0b132c46be94eea