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    Ryzen 5 1400
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    8gb ddr4 single channel
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  1. Magicpandajuice

    Hardware overclocking ram?

    I mean something similar to a bsel mod for older cpus, blocking parts of the pins that let the motherboard read what speed the part should run at
  2. On a few older systems I’ve messed with, stuff like bsel modding can provide an overclock, and I was wondering if there was some way to do something similar to ram? Like, say I have ram slower then the motherboards maximum speed it supports, but the bios doesn’t allow for ram overclocking, would it be possible to block off a pin or something that tells the motherboard what speed the ram should run at so that it defaults to its maximum rated speed? I’ve never messed with fam overclocking before so please correct me if there is extra steps I’m missing
  3. Magicpandajuice

    Raid using different drives

    I’ve used software raid before on similar drives, but I’ve recently ran out of space on my main rig , which has a single 1tb drive,and I was planning on moving 2 of my 500 gb drives into it and running it in raid 0, then I realized that it makes a 1tb volume once put together, would it be possible to create that 1 tb volume using software raid 0, then put the 2 separate volumes together in another raid 0
  4. Magicpandajuice

    Possible fried motherboard?

    Haha actually I made a mistake, somehow when I was messing with different connectors seeing what had power and what didn’t, I unplugged my power button, so when I drained the caps and tried to turn it on the button wasn’t connected, which is why nothing responded, I connected the button and everything worked fine, guess I just need to stop using that 4 ghz oc profile
  5. Magicpandajuice

    Possible fried motherboard?

    Tried this, now the whole system is unresponsive, the molex fans also don’t power on and the USB ports don’t supply power (forgot to add in original post, the USB ports still provided power when the psu was turned on, even though they are connected to the motherboard
  6. I have an Inspiron 5675 prebuilt with a Ryan’s 5 1400 and a gtx 1060 6gb, I was running the CPU and gpu overclocked and in the middle of a game the system turned off, I tried resetting it and pressing the power button does nothing but turn on 2 of the molex powered fans I modded into the case, nothing directly connected to the motherboard does anything, I’ve cleared the cmos and even tried a different gpu, I was running the cpu at a pretty heavy 4 ghz OC with 1.45 volts on the core, I normally only run that for a short period though, is it possible I somehow fried the motherboard? Or maybe it’s another issue? The computer doesn’t play any sort of beep codes or show any sort of power button lights, the motherboard responds to nothing except a press from the power button which only turns on the power supply and that’s it
  7. Magicpandajuice

    any way to repair direct X?

    everything seems fine, but the only other thing i can think is a fresh install of windows 10. and im trying to avoid that as i have a lot of stuff on this drive, i have tried a few different graphics driver versions and they all have the same issue
  8. from some benchmarks i found, you should not run into much of a bottleneck if you went with something like the new GTX 1660 TI or even an RTX 2060, which has a performance similar to a GTX1070 and GTX 1070 TI respectively , and as discussed here, you should not see much of a bottleneck, if you are dead set on playing in that resolution though, you may run into an issue, since you have a limited budget i would recommend an I7 4790 if you absolutely have to upgrade, as you can find one used for around 200 USD on ebay,
  9. recently i had issues with every one of my direct X 11 games, after a random amount of time, they crash, most of them just close unexpectedly, the only one that managed to display any sort of error code in "grand thief auto V" (pictured below), every thing i found on the error code points towards a DIRECT X error, and since "grand thief auto V" can be played in DX 10, 10.1 or 1, i tried to play in DX10.1 and it ran flawlessly for a few hours with no issues. every other game i have installed using other APIs, such as open gl or other DIRECT X versions, run perfectly fine. i have already tried using the command prompt to check the system for errors and it came back with nothing. does anyone know of a manual way to repair or reinstall DX11? . . . . . . system specs: windows 10 home (64 bit) ryzen 5 1400 OC (3.8ghz) gtx 1060 6gb 16gb ddr4 2400 250gb ssd 1tb hdd
  10. i have a dell prebuilt, inspiron gaming 5675, that has a locked bios (kind of stupid if you ask me, as one of ryzens selling points is the unlocked chips), i have done fine with cpu overclocking with amd ryzen master, but ive been stuck with 2400mhz ram since i got it, i know ryzen master can do memory overclocks but i never messed with it, but after i saw some benchmarks of ryzen using different memory speeds i was like "man, that could help a decent amount" but after i looked at the memory settings on ryzen master i realized they where locked!? all of the memory control settings, and a few other settings where greyed out with "NA" on them, i figure it has something to do with the locked bios but does anyone know a way around this? or am i just SOL here?
  11. I have a small home network connection, and i recently started doing stuff that requires the use of multiple pcs, i transfer fairly large files, i noticed that while transfering files, my transfer speed between conputers maxes at about 35-40 mb/s, which us fairly slow when transfering 50+gb files, most of which are zip files, both computers only see about 20 percent usage on their drives, and my connection is through a 1gb router, ive transfered files before across the same network and maxed out my network connection, does anyone have a way to work around this? Or is it simply an issue due to multiple files (i always thought that stuff .zip and .iso files where transfered as 1 solid file but im probably wrong)
  12. Magicpandajuice

    Transfering coolers between gpus

    Well im done, after 10 minutes of unigine heaven its sitting at 57 C at only 40 percent max fan speed, id say the new cooler is great lol
  13. Magicpandajuice

    Transfering coolers between gpus

    Haha yeah, i caught my mistake as i was looking at your comment, its been fixed, but the rx 560 cooler is very basic, while the r9 270 is a fairly beefy cooler, so hopefully itll work
  14. Magicpandajuice

    Transfering coolers between gpus

    I have an rx 560 that constantly gets hot under load (over 80 degress even with fans going full speed), its not overclocked or anything, the only difference from the factory is the fact that i used a bios mod to unlock it from an rx 560D (basically a rebranded 460) to a normal 560 with all the cores and such unlocked, i have an old r9 270 that died but the fans and such still works, i took both cards apart and the cooler mounts perfectly, and the fans connect, i figured since the r9 270 was a significantly hotter card, it would likely be able to cool a lot better, would installing the 270 cooler on the rx 560 affect anything? Or possibly mess anything up?
  15. Im currently running the same project again on the same settings, and my about halfway through, temps are averaging. At about 54c at base clock speeds, i will try a few other softwares