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  1. @faziten Hey i have been kind of inactive in the past week or so sorry about that. School just started back up and work it crazy as well, haven't even touched the PC in days. Ill probably be able to run some test this week
  2. Anyway's what test are we going to do? @faziten Also i'm not sure this would have an effect but i have been using two monitors through out this whole process. Should i try one?
  3. Did all the steps and it booted up at the same speed about 10-15 seconds? ill check to see if it was applied
  4. Oh the msi screen shots while looking at tilted towers are done with competitive settings @faziten
  5. And this is looking at it tilted towers, the Frames drop down to mid 80's right as i look at it and it gets all choppy like how battlefield looked choppy Its basically the same for EPIC settings but the GPU usage is a little higher. I've noticed that the GPU doesn't even try with lower settings, but then when i bump up the graphic settings the gpu usage goes up
  6. This is me not at Tilted towers with competitive settings
  7. Can Do! So im not sure what games you play but in fortnite the area of the map around Tilted towers gets very laggy (ive seen forums saying its CPU intensive around there but ill ust let you take a look for your self) I'll show highest preset settings and then what i call competitive settings (AA and shadows off, view distance, textures, and effects on EPIC setting) All on 100% render Scale
  8. As i said before i was getting 110-120 Frames in windowed mode, it still about 70-90 in Fullscreen/Borderless But you are saying that i need better RAM? what about games like Fortnite, it more than Battlefield i was just using Battlefield as a benchmark thinking its more demanding. I would make the Ram upgrade over the CPU upgrade if my CPU isnt the problem. My goal when i bout the 1080 ti was to play most games with max settings 144 fps, thinking my CPU or RAM wouldn't be an issue. Thanks
  9. Just ran BF1 with OSD and task manager. windowed mode was getting better frames than full screen but still lackluster gpu usage. Hope this is usable
  10. Ill do that in a little. im just so lost now is this a glitch or something because now every game shows 0% GPU usage in msi afterburner but the game is still running ?? anyway do u want like a full screen shot of my desktop with the game and task manager side by side ? @faziten
  11. Sorry about that,and im now realizing that my in game was on 200% and my NVidia Control panel had 4.00% on but may resolution was still at 1080p i turned off all of those settings but the same result...around 80-90 fps 100% res scale at 1080p. would you like me too send msi afterburner results (low GPU usage now about 50-60)
  12. Now i know i shouldnt be complaining about 80 fps in a game like this i just think i should be able to reach my monitors refresh rate (144hz) with a card + cpu combo like this. The GPU and CPU were both hitting max usage, and the max frames per second i saw were about 85 ? for a 1080 Ti this game should easy to run at 1080p correct? @faziten
  13. Sorry for late response i have been really busy with work, im going to run BF1 now. I do notice something, in games like fortnite i dropped the settings all the way down to low the gpu at that point isnt even being used its below 20% and cpu around 50% im going to try battlefield and see if i get a similar result @faziten
  14. Hello again so ive installed a brand new cooler for my ccpu and actually went installed windows on a brand new out of the box ssd as well, and as my cpu temps are significantly lower than before, my gpu is constantly dropping in usage. As an example in games like battlefield 1 and fortnite, my frames will drop really low and i will see 50% usage. Is this my gpu or the game or my cpu im so lost!! @faziten