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  1. It would be great that if a display only is available ( not a repair kit i.e with tools and accessories).
  2. Could someone suggest me a website to buy a replacement display for a Google Pixel 3a XL. I live in Sri Lanka, so it need to be shipped there. Having DHL or FedEx would be helpful. It seems like most of the sites are out of stock (probably due to the Wuhan virus). I checked with ifixit, and they said that they would take at least a month to restock. Would be much appreciated if someone could help me out. Thank you in advance!
  3. ifixit is not replying. I don't think that they would respond to something like that. Anyway, if I buy from that site, the chances that I get faked on are low, nay?
  4. If there is any other site, better than these, that ships to Sri Lanka please reply with the link. Thank you!
  5. I need to replace the display of my Pixel 3a XL. ifixit.com is out of stock [https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Android/Google-Pixel-3a-XL-Screen/IF356-101] So I found this site which has it, https://www.witrigs.com/oem-screen-replacement-for-google-pixel-3a-xl Seems a bit shady to me though. This place claims to deliver by a week, whereas ifixit takes more than a month. The price is almost half, also (after factoring shipping). Could someone advise me whether it is a good idea to purchase from this Chinese site, or wait for ifixit. I've had the phone idle without replacing the display for a good 6 months (charged it like 3 times). Thank you for your time.
  6. With this solution, will I be able to stream Hulu from Sri Lanka (i.e an unsupported region)?
  7. Without getting right to the chase, I will provide some background information first. If you want to cut right to the chase, jump to point number 2). 1)So…I am an ACCA student. And, since the exams are computer based, we do our exams on this platform [bit.ly/acca-crw]. It has 2 main weaknesses, that it is an instable web application and that, it cannot save the workings to view later (only recourse is to take screenshots.) 2) To overcome the problems above, I would need to make a standalone program out of bit.ly/acca-crw This should have the ability to create a savable, unencrypted file, preferably .xslx & .docx or .odt. In addition, I need authentication with an email and password, so that only the people in the institute I work for, can access. If you have the capability & free time to do this, contact me at +94785707670 or DM. A monetary payout will definitely be made. Thank you for your time.
  8. Thank you everyone for the support you have given me. I will follow your guidance to fulfill this goal. Thanks again!
  9. If I get OpenWRT will it be able to fulfill my requirement?
  10. I think flashing a 3rd party firmware could be done as it would void my warranty.
  11. Is there a way on this router to throttle the internet speed of one of the highlighted SSIDs, while keeping the one with the arrow pointed at an unrestricted speed? The details of the router are, as follows; My objective: create an open Guest WiFi network that doesn't kill my quota. Thanks a lot for helping me out.
  12. What I need to do is slow down the WiFi to like 53kbps so that it can be a Public network for anyone who comes to the house to use (and not eat up my quota). I posted screenshots of the QoS menu above. Is it possible to do so through QoS? Edit: Here is the QoS menu https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1132045-how-to-throttle-wifi-speed-on-zte-zxv10-w300/?do=findComment&comment=13111722
  13. It actually says VLAN. Here's all the sub-menus in that. Looking at it, are you able to understand a throttling option?
  14. This is the QoS menu, does this allow for throttling of WiFi?
  15. The primary router on the network is a Huawei B310s I found an option to have mutiple SSIDs on that, but couldn't see any QoS option. Does this router model have a way to set a data transfer speed for only one SSID? I don't seem to understand most of the terms thrown around in the router settings ?
  16. Oh ? Are there softwares, like AdGuard Home, that can do this? The throttling I mean.
  17. So from this I won't be able to flash a 3rd party one?
  18. What should I put to this field?
  19. Is it the router? Not sure whether sales are allowed on this sub forum
  20. None of those officially support that router. Actually, I have no idea on how to check whether or not those criteria is there on my router. Could you tell me how to?
  21. No, for Ethernet, I want to ensure that the MAC addresses I set can connect. Regarding the firmware, this is there
  22. I would also need to make sure that only a set of allowed MAC addresses are allowed to connect. Thanks!
  23. Is there a way to reduce speed of the internet, while connected to WiFi, on my ZTE ZXV10 W300 ? The speed needs to be normal when on Ethernet. I looked at the settings on the web interface, but couldn't provide anything like that I could understand. I don't mind flashing 3rd party firmware as long as it doesn't require a PC just for it. Thank you for you time.