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  • CPU
    i5 7600k
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte z270-hd3
  • RAM
    8gb@3200mhz corsair vengeance
  • GPU
    Gt 740
  • Case
    Corsair 100r
  • Storage
    1tb Wd blue & 250gb Kingston uv300
  • PSU
    Nzxt hale82 v2 550w
  • Display(s)
    Philips 21" 1080p 60hz
  • Cooling
    212 evo
  • Keyboard
    Generic Genius keyboard
  • Mouse
    Logitech g502
  • Sound
    2x Technics sbl50 & Siberia v2
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro

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  1. The xbox one controllers are still the best option for pc? This is for sure the first and last game i'm buying from Bandai on pc. I can't get around the fact that games like Witcher 3 or Shadow of the tomb raider work so well and DS3 can't even get the "press any key to start" working lol
  2. I'm terrible at using controllers -also, i don't own any- Is there any way to play DS3 PROPERLY with keyboard and mouse? Just bought the game on steam (because i read that this is the first one to include proper support for M&K) but even navigating through the menu is tedious, for every action you need to right click, then select the action and left click instead of just pressing esc / intro / arrows. Now even the "press any key to continue" at startup work with the keyboard. While in-game i can move and roll but when i get prompted with something like "Press A to open" i don't know what to do because it's showing a Controller "A" wich of course does nothing if i press "A" on my keyboard This feels like a joke tbh, right now i'm more excited about refunding the game than playing it
  3. I want the same effective sensitivity not the same feel, that's why i got a new mouse... Anyways, found this, hope it helps someone 12.000 dpi x 0,0625 (2nd tick) = 750 dpi at 6th tick. Ended up using 1500dpi at 4th tick but it's the same Epp means enhanced pointer precision (windows accel implementation)
  4. i've been using a g502 for the last 5 years at 12k dpi with windows pointer speed at 2/11. How can i calculate a different combination of dpi/windows speed that will get me the same effective sensitivity? I got a g203 because i wanted a smaller mouse but it only goes up to 8k dpi, been trying combinations all day long but cant seem to get it just right It takes aprox. 55mm to get from the left side of the screen to the right one if that's of any help (1920x1080)
  5. I don't think the issue is framerate csgo and valorant are always above 300 and league is capped to 240, thanks anyway
  6. The screen is already kind of dead (turns black out of nowhere) i olverclocked it because i dont care if it dies im planning on getting a 120/144hz. I posted because the washed out colors are really annoying. Any guess as why i can play any game except league?
  7. I overclocked my monitor from 60hz to 75hz and everything looks washed out, is this normal? Also i can play csgo and valorant like always but when i try to play league of legends once the game opens i get the "signal out of range" warning (just like when i go anything above 75hz in the desktop or in other games), why does that happen? my monitor is an old LG flatron e2341 connected via hdmi to an rx570 8gb
  8. Any good software to do that? lightroom will take ages to export thousands of images. I just hate to get a new drive every 6 months or so and watch it get full in no time (right now i have 3 2tb's and 1 4tb). Maybe it's just time to invest in a real NAS with 30 or 40 Tb
  9. He only talks about setting the camera to create smaller files and compares the 3 options (small medium and large). I need to compress already existing files
  10. I have around 3 terabytes of raw pictures, what can i do besides buying more storage? .rar doesn't really make pictures any lighter. If possible i'd like to keep the .nef files
  11. All the drivers are installed, the cooler i was using on the 7600k does not have any am4 mounting so i don´t think i will get the r5 too far. I'll try that later i just thought the game will benefit from more cores and threads, guess i'm buying a new cooler
  12. I recently upgraded from my 3 year old 7600k to a ryzen 5 2600, i'm using the same ram and gpu (2x8gb corsair lpx @3200mhz and rx 570 8gb from asrock at stock), i was also thinking of getting a high refresh rate monitor but i'm getting lower fps with the ryzen 5 (230-280) with the i5 i was getting anywhere from 300 to 380. The 7600k was running at 4.8ghz and the 2600 is at stock freq (i have a b450 mb but i didn't try to overclock just yet). Game settings are all maxed out at 1080p and ram is running at 3333mhz on both systems. Did i just bought a downgrade? I did a fresh install of windows, steam and csgo so i isn´t a drivers issue
  13. Pc specs: i5 7600k - rx570 8gb - 8gb ram @3200mhz Hey, as the title says, i'm having problems while playing league of legends, fps suddently drop and the average is about +- 180 when just otwo weeks ago it was always running over 300, if there's a big tf or something it drops way below 60, to around 25, could this be a problem of the current patch / current gpu drivers / something else? i don´t see why it would drop like that, also if i open hwmonitor while the game is running cpu and gpu usage is never above +- 15/20%. The pc is not overheating and my oc is stable at 4.8ghz (i'm running the cpu like that since 2017)
  14. Hey, i just recently moved and my router is now far away from the pc, instead of buying a super long cable i decided to get a cheap wifi usb adapter (i don't do gaming that often so ping isn't a problem for me) the problem as the title says, is that the usb adapter is freezing my pc. I'm running the latest version bios available on gigabyte's webpage and Windows 10Pro 64bit Sometimes it just freezes and i have to restart it by turning off the power supply and sometimes the driver just crashes and i get stuck without connection until i restart the pc What i've tried: - Running different versions of the driver - updating Windows & Bios - Using the pc without a gpu and unistalling Nvidia drivers (i thought that was the problem) - Removing the 4.8Ghz oc on the cpu I don't think it has something to do with the hardware because it does the same on my father's pc but just in case here are the specs CPU i5 7600k Motherboard Gigabyte z270-hd3 RAM 8gb@3200mhz corsair vengeance GPU Gt 740 Storage 1tb Wd blue & 250gb Kingston uv300 PSU Nzxt hale82 v2 550w The adapter is a Tp-Link TL-WN723N