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  1. Thanks to all off your help and suggestion Thank you all .
  2. you mean to say that you have connected all four fans using splitter on a single header of your motherboard?
  3. yes i have connected two fans by a sleeved cable splitter in one header i.e in Chassis fan header. it runs fine , i can control speed in both fans.
  4. i have this one . can i use it? well i cant control the speed from that fan hub.
  5. cant find that in shops , looks like to import from China
  6. Nope , just two only. I asked just for the confirmation from the experts on this page .
  7. it is just mentioned only for cpu_fan has 1 amp (12W) but not for other fan headers like for chassis fan header , aio pump header or cpu_opt fan header.
  8. but it is mentioned as 0.37 amp Safety current? what is safety current? can anyone tell?