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  1. Republic of Macedonia... amazon doesnt do shipping!
  2. The CPU is already bought, now the other things aren't! why is the motherboard bad? It's $100! it was recommended!
  3. i bought everything from my country, it was already $50 more expensive. Amazon or Newegg don't do shipping to my country!
  4. Getting to the final step... buying a PSU. We got the cooler master MWE which is a 650W psu non modular and we have the GM 450 W, but, its a modular PSU. Which one would suit me more. Other PSU's are out of the equation due to their unbelievable prices in my country. (BUYING ONLINE IS NOT AN OPTION) CM MWE $74 vs CM GM 79 Other components MSI B350 GAMING Mobo Ryzen 7 1700 GTX 1060 6GB 8GB DDR4 RAM 1 TB Sata Drive Might go with an SSD in the future
  5. Noise isn't the problem, i don't really mind my pc being too loud. but the prices of i5 8400 and the ryzen 5 2600 are THE SAME. I see that due to the hyperthreading, the ryzen chip does have better scores in benchmarks, better rendering and such. We don't have a retailer that would put them under that price!
  6. That's the problem. As much as i want to buy a better board, the market just doesnt allow me. These boards are already overpriced, i can imagine what the others boards are at. i also want to change a bit. I've had a intel processor for 6 years. Is it worth to change? Plus, ryzen 5 comes with a stealth cooler, overclocking is a bit out of the range!
  7. Never thought buying a pc would be this hard. Made a bit of research and saw that people were complaining about a i5 8400 teamed up with a b360, so they suggested getting a ryzen 5 2600. The PCU's are basically the same price and so are the motherboards. I see that b350 supports up to 3200MHz RAM, but the prices for the RAM are outrages (in my region), so all it comes to the cpu's. Not planning on overclocking due to a low budget that doesn't allow me to buy cooling parts, but i see that even with a stock cooler, you can get the ryzen up to a 4.1GHz. Not planning on editing and stuff, only gaming, mostly battlefield 1, For honor and such.Please don't recommend any other stuff that's not on this thread. Anything you link is a $100 more expensive due to shipping. And keep in mind that both combos (i5 with b360, ryzen 5 with b350) are the same price. Which one should i buy!?
  8. well we dont have asrock available here. It only come downs to Gigabyte and ASUS
  9. Also we have a B-360-PLUS and B360-PRO from ASUS that's a lower price than both of them... is it worth it? it's for Intel!
  10. Motherboards aren't quite my thing. What's the difference that makes it so MUCH better to get a 360?
  11. You don't get it do you? That's like $150 more expensive, and i dont have that kind of money. Plus can you tell me what's the Difference between b350 and b450? I'm looking for budget ones... and on the market that i go by, everything's overpriced!
  12. but did you see the note? I can't purchase anything online. It would just be $100 more expensive due to shipping!
  13. So, I came to one of the final steps of buying pc components, and that's CHOOSING the actual components. I have two choices that, let's say fit my budget. Setup 1 MB Gigabyte AB350 $123 Ryzen 5 2600 w/Wraith stealth cooler $196 8 GB DDR4 2666Mhz RAM $96 GTX 1060 6 GB Total: $415 Setup 2 MB Gigabyte Z370P-D3 $118 i5 8400 $197 8 GB DDR4 2666 MHz $96 GTX 1060 6 GB Total: $411 Note: Already have the GTX 1060, just asking which setup (performance as well) would suit me better. Also, the prices are the ones in my region, ordering anything online would only be $50 more expensive! Mainly playing games like For Honor, Battlefield 1, The Division, stuff like that...There is also B360-pro asus for the same price. Is it worth it?