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  1. Buddy sometimes this issue happens when a ram chip is loose have a look and see if any of the ram slots are dirty or misplaced .. just don't clean your ram chips with something rough
  2. I agree the Lenovo looks so sick ! With the thin bezels and black look ... It's even more mobile to carry than the G5 but I think performance wise the G5 is slightly better .. I don't mind how the G5 looks .. better looking than that Acer Helios 300
  3. Hi guys so both the Lenovo Y530 and Dell G5 are up on sale now The Lenovo I would like is $830 The Dell G5 I'm interested in is $850 These both come with a 256gb M2 ssd Which is okay for me because I don't mind adding a 1tb harddrive later myself But the Lenovo comes with the 1050 4gb And the G5 comes with 1050ti Both are backlight keyboards the Lenovo doesn't have a SD card slot and I use that a lot because of photography so I'd have to buy a dongle.. Which laptop has better cooling? The seem to have the same IPS panel with decent colours I don't mind They both have 8gb too I'll definitely look to upgrade that myself as well
  4. So I've Searched and Searched I know these laptops don't have the best screens out there for productivity like photography.. rendering houses etc so I'm open to buy an external monitor in the future Which is better ? - Lenovo Legion y530? (I'll need to buy a dongle for SD card) - Dell Inspiron 7577 - Dell G5 - Lenovo Legion y520? - Acer Nitro 5 -open to other suggestions ? Preferably good build and decent cooling I'd want a good budget with atleast a 256gb SSD because the 128gb is a bit too small for Revit A360 models that take up to 11gb + of cache in the app data .. I don't mind adding a 1tb later My budget is 700-900-950$ America online stores just for the laptop GPU interested- 1050 4gb 1050ti 1060 Or should I just wait for the sales this month and early September ?
  5. Does the Lenovo Legion y530 have a SD card reader? Some sites say yes some say no ... I'm confused with this
  6. This happened to me last week .. damn I'm really sorry I know exactly how you feel ! I went out for 10 minutes to get my locker key which I thought I forgot at the gym and come back the laptop bag is gone .. even my gym bag freaking he'll ... It was a Acer aspire E15 which had so much of my work and photography work I lost it all
  7. Can't go for a desktop main reason I want a laptop if for the mobility and using it at work
  8. https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Laptop-Intel-Graphics-Memory/dp/B0764HW117/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1532613118&sr=1-4&keywords=dell+gaming this looks like the g5 but it says 7000 inspiron
  9. which laptop on my budget has a good gpu .. storage option ... decent screen like entry level ips and will let me use cad softwares about the sRGB i guess i'll look into getting a monitor for 100 to 200$ later
  10. more but i am a bit scared on that hp laptop because it is fairly new and also i am scared of the build quality on it .. haven't had the best history with the 3 hp laptops I have owned
  11. Mostly I use Revit and Lumion sometimes cinema 4d and 3ds max @Tarun10 i was okay with my 940mx tbh .. but i'd like a better machine now reason why I was looking for a good display screen is because I also do photography and yes i could just buy an external monitor .. Which laptop in terms of performance, build quality , don't mind if heavy , ram upgradable and ssd m2 + hdd laptop would you recommend ? for my budget then if i have to get an external monitor .. @ZM Fong