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  1. He plays E-sports titles like rocket league and cs-go and maybe some fortnite, at a res of just 900p. I knew that he would get more performance with dual channel ram but not sure the performance difference between that and a gt 1030. I suggested a gtx 1050 but he is very budget orientated to the point where it is hard to find performance for that cheap. I thought about older more high end cards but he really doesn't want to upgrade the PSU. As far as the 2200g goes, 8 gigs of 2400 MHz ram is kinda on the slow side of things for that generation. thanks
  2. Hello I have a friend who has an AMD A10-9700 for some light gaming and needs some more graphical power, just a bit. His question was, if he was to upgrade, should he get another stick of ddr4-2400 to make it dual channel, or buy a Nvidia GT 1030? Thanks
  3. Thanks Guys just wondering for an upgrade. I have been considering a 750 ti or a 1030. I am really not looking to sink much money into it since it is just an occasional thing. I really don't want to drop in a new Ryzen since the cpu side of my apu is plenty for me. I kinda screwed up when I bought it though thinking the apu would be faster.
  4. I have a pc with an AMD a10-9700 APU with the integrated Radeon r7, but it is not cutting the rug anymore and I was wondering what would be a good budget oriented graphics card under $75. I do light gaming in my spare time with a 900p monitor so I am not looking for anything in 1080p.