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  1. Think this one is good enough? https://geizhals.at/asus-prime-b350-plus-90mb0tg0-m0eay0-a1582183.html?hloc=at
  2. Can I oc to 4,2 ghz with the Mugen 5 ?
  3. So I should get h5 ultimate instead?
  4. I want to oc the ryzen 5 2600 to 4,2 ghz. Is the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB my best choice, or should I rather go for a different cooler? (Budget is around 65€)
  5. How much do you think prices for 10 series will drop within the next month?
  6. Think it'd be worth spending more on 3200 ram instead of 3000 ram?
  7. So I've now been thinking about getting this cooler instead, could I oc to 4,2 ghz with it?
  8. Ik, but the 1080 is really cheap rn and I can still upgrade cpu later
  9. I mean, I just want full hd with a 60 hz monitor
  10. So I want to kind of modernize my setup, and I wanted to ask if the 1080 will bottleneck my ryzen 5 2600, and if can I OC my cpu with that cooler, or if I should just go for the i5 8600k with coolermaster hyper 212 led (more expensive though)
  11. Is i5 8600k+ 1070 ti a good combo, or will the cpu bottleneck it?
  12. I'm moving my steam files to my bigger Hard drive, but the process is just going painfully slow.(moving from C: to D:) Crystaldisk said that C: had 90 mb/s writing and reading, and that D: had 150, yet I don't really see that. I have no program running except for the process of moving the files and google chrome rn, and the speed it gets moved extremely varies (sometimes 100 mb/s, most of the time 8-20). Is there any way to make this go faster?
  13. I want to get an i5 8600k, a gtx 1070ti and 16 gigs of ddr4 ram. Should I go with the asus prime Z370p? My budget is 120€
  14. So I've been thinking about upgrading my old i7 3820 to a new i5. But I can't decide if I should buy the 8600 or the 8600k I primarily just want to play new games with it (Far Cry 5 etc.) and don't want to oc. Is the higher performance of the 8600k worth buying a cooler for it, or would it be better to just go with the 8600?