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  1. Made numerous posts on the subject of stuttering that seemingly had no reason. Sort of Mircostutter, very frequent and mostly continuous Did a bunch of things including increasing CPU voltage. Everything was completely fine until on the 16th Windows performed a Cumulative update. Now its back. How can I remove this latest windows update? EDIT: Found out how.
  2. The 3800x is cheaper where I live right now, but quite a bit.
  3. Yeah trying to push 144hz at 1080 with a 1070. The CPU spikes and top aout at 100% easily in new games like HYPERSCAPE. So looking to lower overall cpu usage. Since b450 supports the 4000 series might buy a mobo with a 3800x and sell when the 4000 releases.
  4. Anyone know of a good pair for a 3800x that will support overclocking. Needs to be budget friendly. Looking at b450 Motherboards.
  5. It isn't capable for high refresh low setting competitive play, I get 100% cpu usage which causes stuttering.
  6. Was wondering if it would be good to upgrade to a ryzen now, or is the new 4000 series right around the corner. 6700k just can't handle recent BR games at 144hz. Thoughts?
  7. Suddenly my PC has very bad input latency in games (not in desktop) Actually it had been fine for a long while now even with other issues. Left my PC on last night and went to play apex. Was greeted to INSANE input latency on both my mouse and keyboard for apparently no reason. I DDU'd the drivers and installed them again to no avail. Changed mouse port. Reset settings and all game files It feels like V-sync x10, just really bad input latency. Anyone know whats going on?
  8. Don't really want o re-install windows for thing alike this, I need to get to the root of it. Why is it suddenly happening. The game runs at above 140fps but there is horrendous input lag almost like v-sync is forced on.
  9. Windows, cant really see it being that though
  10. How do you do that for definition updates?