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  1. I have recently been having some very bad stuttering issues. I assumed it was my cpu, but after using monitoring in Msi afterburner, I can see large drops in my gpu to 0-30%, that coincide with the stuttering when it happens. I received this 1070 as a replacement unit from an rma. The issue wasn't present a few months ago. I have tried installing different Windows on SSD, memtested my RAM, looked for cpu issues. It doesn't drop or stutter during 3d Mark, just in all games. This is at 50-70% cpu usage. Is it broken? If there was a driver issue surely this would affect everyone? I7 4790 Strix 1070 16gb Drr3 Samsung Evo 860 Evga G2 650w
  2. johndole25

    Huge frametime issue/stuttering in most games

    I watch all 4 cores in msi afterburner when playing and they are pretty equal.
  3. johndole25

    Huge frametime issue/stuttering in most games

    Completely normal and when I frame limit to 60fps it doesn't go above 70%
  4. johndole25

    Huge frametime issue/stuttering in most games

    I don't seem to have any conflicts there to tell about.
  5. johndole25

    Huge frametime issue/stuttering in most games

    I don't use V-sync
  6. johndole25

    Huge frametime issue/stuttering in most games

    My VRAM usage is stable at about 2gb out of the 4gb (or 3.5gb)
  7. johndole25

    Huge frametime issue/stuttering in most games

    I was thinking it was an unreal problem, since Rainbow doesn't have the issue at all, I'll check that out.
  8. I want to forward this by posting a Reddit post where someone tried to help me fix my issue. https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/90f4kj/need_help_with_all_my_games_stuttering/ I have now tried everything I can think of to fix this issue. In both Fortnite and PUBG, I experience game breaking stuttering, that is backed by wild frametimes. I have stable framerate and all of my hardware is working. In Rainbow Six and Benchmarks like 3d mark, I have no such stuttering. 1.Checked temperatures and clocks 2.Run stress tests and benchmarks 3.Installed games on an SSD 4.Reinstalled games multiple times. 5.Ran Windows Ram check etc. 6.Fully Reinstalled windows and formatted drive 7. Installed games on separate hard drives working separately and together. 8. Flashed my BIOS to the latest update. 9. Removed all hardware and cleaned I ran an MSI Afterburner LOG of many Fortnite matches for frametime and they came back pretty erratic. As you can see capped a 60fps I am regularly hitting 50ms, even when my fps is stable. My frame rates are stable. https://imgur.com/a/lJRvIDz This is getting out of hand, it's like my PC is cursed and I have no idea what is causing it. I'm on disability and can't just start buying new components, because people have asked me elsewhere to try new hardware, which I can't. I saved for years for this PC and it's haunted! Using third party frame limiter on Rivatuner helped somewhat on Fortnite but PUBG is currently unplayable. Specs: i5-4590 Gtx 970 Strix 8Gb Corsair SSD and 2tb HDD Evga G2 Gold 650 Help!