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  1. Alchibiades

    Trying to build an AMD-system!

    Just interested, what would be wrong with it?
  2. Alchibiades

    Trying to build an AMD-system!

    Thanks for the feedback! @LukeSavenije I do have the Gigabyte Radeon RX 580 Gaming 8GB in mind. For now, I don't want to exceed that price point (~220 US$) very much. As @KarathKasun indicated as well, what about a Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro AMD B450?
  3. Hi there, I try to build an AMD-system, but I have little to no experience with AMD hardware (intel/nvidia-guy speaking!). From what I've read it should be fine, but just in case I would like to ask you guys here if you agree. This is what I have in mind not for a not top-notch but decent machine for office and some gaming-stuff: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 6x 3.60GHz Radeon RX 580 (8GB) Board: MSI B350 GAMING PRO CARBON Other stuff: 500GB SSD, 16GB RAM, more storage, ... My main concerns are: Match of CPU and GPU when it comes to gaming. Mainboard compatibility with the R5 and RX580. What do you think?
  4. No. No. No. The point is to debug something that's broken on a webpage displayed by Edge on a Windows Phone - note that W10 Mobile only supports Edge 40. The options in Edge are very limited and some functions you would expect - they're just not there (that's the actual problem, btw). Using emulators does not solve the problem, especially the internal browser tools - in general, they just break it down to the viewport-level; the same goes for the app "view source".
  5. Hey there! Still, after a not-so-short research: How can I access the source code of a web page on a Windows Phone, Windows 10, Edge? (And yes, I need the code from the browser on the phone!) What is actually pretty easy on Desktop, turned out to be complicated on Windows 10 mobile: there is no Alt+, right-click... In Chrome it typically works with typing "view-source:" in front of the URL. Maybe there is something similar for Edge? Hope someone has an idea! Thanks!
  6. Alchibiades

    Opinions welcome! - 4 or 6 cores? Mainboard?

    @Sernefarian Thanks, that's the kind of feedback I need. I'll check it out!
  7. Alchibiades

    Opinions welcome! - 4 or 6 cores? Mainboard?

    Right, that's an important notice - especially when RAM is quite expensive and if I run out of RAM at all, seems to be a good way of covering the peaks. Thanks for the list! I made good experiences with Samsung in the past, even though there a cheaper products. Reliability is important. Possible, that I will have to handle heavier load later on. If it's in-budget at the end, fine. If not - also fine. The HDD is just meant for storage purposes, where I can move old data. And to be honest - that's the first thing I'd cut for budget reasons. Just in case I got some smaller old ones, that would also do the job. Mainboard: This is what I found so far that looks suitable: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16813119037 (ASUS TUF Z370 Plus Gaming LGA 1151) What do you guys think? Any options?
  8. Alchibiades

    Opinions welcome! - 4 or 6 cores? Mainboard?

    Sure, just looking for something for the OS and the applications I'm using. HDD will be used only as storage for data I do not need daily. Any suggestions for a mainboard? - My main concern is the pricing with one or more proper PCIes, possible overclocking option and 4 RAM slots. (In the ideal world.)
  9. Alchibiades

    Opinions welcome! - 4 or 6 cores? Mainboard?

    Thanks for your replies, @Sauron and @dizmo. Didn't thought about a an NVME yet. I will do some research. In terms of the i7, from my personal experience and my requirements, I do not wanna miss it. If it's in budget at the end, I'll go for it. Regarding the prices I've seen an NVME could be an option. Mainboard needs to support it - fine. Is there anything else that's important?
  10. Hey there! I'm going for a new office rig, that has to handle lots of browser-workload (different browser with a significant number of tabs handling different complex websites) and a bunch of office applications with as little delays as possible: Sounds a bit odd - who doesn't want that? But since I need to switch between applications a lot, I noticed the times are adding up over time significantly. At work, that's expensive time. So, there are a few things I don't feel the need to discuss: - SSD 500 GB - HDD 2TB - 16 GB RAM - GTX 1050 (pricy and found a model offering 4 video outputs, which is important) - sweet case with a decent airflow - power supply However, when it comes to the CPU, I'm a bit confused about the i7 (yes, Intel pls) and mainboard variations that are out there. To make it simple: Can you give me a recommendation for both? The main questions I'm struggling with: 4 or 6 cores? And is overclocking necessary? Regarding the variety of applications and no "peak load" like in gaming or video encoding, I would say: 6 cores and overclocking doesn't rly matter. But let's say: Why not? Would it make a difference in terms of the price when it comes to a mainboard, that needs to support that? Browsing the store of my trust, I'd go for a i7 8700K 6x 3.70GHz or i7 7700K 4x 4.20GHz. Thanks!