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  • CPU
    Core i5 520M
  • Motherboard
    Dell Generic HM-55
  • RAM
    Dual channel 4GB (2x2GB)
  • GPU
    Intel HD Graphics 1st Gen.
  • Case
    Dell Latitude e5410
  • Storage
    Seagate Firecuda 1TB SSHD ; Hitachi 320GB Apple Drive
  • PSU
    Dell 90W AC Adapter
  • Display(s)
    Aftermarket Integrated display 1280x800 TN
  • Cooling
    Dell OEM Cooling solution
  • Keyboard
    Integrated PS2 Membrane Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Dell Optical Mouse MS116
  • Sound
    Juarez Bluetooth Speaker 5W
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 SP1; Windows 10 Pro; Linux Mint; Android Pie
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  1. Thanks for the reply guys. I just ended up finding a 32-bit Win7 installation in one of my partitions (forgot about that lol) and edit worked just fine from cmd.
  2. Hehe, I should have said windows 95. ME and later are based on NT so out of DOS right? Also, what do I say cmd supports then, very stripped "version" of DOS? Thanks and regards
  3. Now I know Windows is technically DOS but I'm in a hurry so excuse if I selected the wrong forum. For college assignment, I need to use the edit command in dos to create a text file which is in a sub-sub directory. But then my windows is 64-bit (win7) and it is not recognized as a command since it being a 16-bit. I thought of using the dos box with dos version 5.0 (checked by ver command) but even dos box say edit is an illegal command. I could use copy con but my teacher wants to see the edit command no questions asked lol. I wanna know why the edit command doesnt work even in dosbox?
  4. so if you're willing to upgrade the processor you could go for z370 with an 8700k. If you want to keep the processor then there are z270 motherboards from like ASUS and MSI but since yours is a prebuilt one their might be issues of clearance and motherboard compatibility with the case...
  5. Lol i just wrote f not even the full word.. Well you're a snappy one
  6. But tell me this, who would wanna waste his time hacking a guy's computer if he isn't having very deep pockets. Privacy and security are overexaggerated these days...
  7. I need help. WELL THAT'S A REALLY EYE CATCHING ON A COMMUNITY HELP FORUM. Next time your title should have a very brief description of your problem. So, coming to your problem. If your prebuild had an unlocked "K" processor, it must have a motherboard which support overclocking in the first place. So I think you're in no need of upgrading that motherboard. SLI? It died in 2015 brother when the Pascal cards were introduced. 128GB RAM? What are you trying to build? Nothing will ever need 128GB RAM on a desktop computer. Unless you're like Linus who does 7 gamers 1 CPU lmao. For VM's, your 7700K is enough. If your motherboard is a Z series then you could look for its bios update for support of 8th gen processors and buy an i7 8700K. Use that 16GB RAM until you actually start running on page files so dont worry about that from the start.
  8. Thanks for the reply but I have already updated the bios to A16, the latest available for my laptop. I have a another query. Regarding fastboot, there is the option of "Minimal" and not "Disabled", does it work the same?
  9. I am trying to boot from a clover usb containing macos Mojave installation and yes it is configured to my system. The problem is that my BIOS freezes when I navigate to the EFI file in the USB to boot off of and legacy booting gives error selected boot device failed because it is configured to boot only from UEFI. Yes the EFI partition is formatted as Fat32. I am attaching photo of my bios window. BIOS version is A16 (latest) and my laptop is Dell Latitude E5410. The files being misread as UI and/or are 2 folders and a text file. Weird. Thanks and regards.
  10. UPDATE: I got clover to boot (yay) but it boots only in legacy bios mode, not uefi. I even showed my bios the efi file in boot folder of the usb still it just comes back to booting options. Nonethless I get into clover and face another bummer, my macOS installation is nowhere to be seen. I can boot into the multiple windows installations I have but can't see the macOS on the us itself. Looking at few posts on forums it suggests that the apfs.efi file might be missing from the driver64 and driver64UEFI folders on the drive but they aren't! I seem to be getting nowhere. Will update soon though.
  11. Well I have already taken the leap my friend. SMBIOS is configured, kexts ready and clover is on the first partition of the usb installed through clover configurator on my high sierra vm. mojave is on the second partition. Being frustrated that my usb wont boot, I looked up and according to AIO forum, I copied the contents of clove iso onto my hardisk's efi partition(300mb one) and even that doesn't work. I showed my BIOS the efi file of clover to boot off of but it still doesnt boot. I just need to boot to see if I actually got my config.plist file right. tonymacx and other forums dont have my issue their clover just boots. Can you help here, or point me in the right direction or to a post with my exact problem?
  12. well thats how I saw on AIO forum. Their method was to copy the EFI files of the clover ISO onto your disk's EFI partition. I did that but welp no good. I have two partitions on the usb , first is having clover installed through clover configurator through high sierra VM, while the second partition has the Mojave installation files. I have already set up SMBIOS, and other setting including kexts etc. I just need to be able to boot to see if I got the setting right but damn by bios sees a pendrive with something to boot off of but never does. I dont wanna make the whole drive again it took 3 hours to ready that drive.
  13. yes it is, beacause I posted at a time where all western people are sleeping. can you help?
  14. Alright so I've been eager to get into macOS so I installed a VM on my Win7 laptop and now I wish to dual boot it with Mojave. I am not gonna be using win10 as its updates are uncontrollable and it doesn't run well on my laptop anyway. I am gonna be using the same disk with different partitions. I went on to download macOS Mojave from the App Store to create a bootable USB but ended up using the macOS Mojave patcher to create one. Its formatted as macOS extended journaled but oooopsiees I didn't knew about Clover at the time. Now I am wondering if I can "squeeze" in Clover into the hence created bootable Mojave USB so I could save my 3 hours that went into it. P.S Don't worry about my EFI partition cuz for some odd reason windows created it to be of 300MB lmao and I can follow with some tinkering and terminal shiz. Have a look at my partition layout and my awesome Snipping Tool skillz.
  15. Well your knowledge is incomplete then. You can on different partitions but same drive....