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  1. New budget gaming PC

    Seems like a good build for 1080p gaming!
  2. Maybe the LP version would fit. But you already bought another card so.. Maybe you can return this card?
  3. is it worth Upgrading ?

    Do you really need 32 Gigs of RAM? Little overkill maybe.
  4. G4560 + MSI 1110M ECO is a solid choice
  5. Is this HP Omen Gaming PC Worth It?

    Build it yourself, it's not that hard and way more cheaper. ( Just my opinion )
  6. GPU Fit

    Ok, thanks a lot!
  7. GPU Fit

    Just wondering, I have a Asus P8H61 Motherboard, and i am planning on buying a MSI GTX 1060 3GB Gaming version. Will this fit on my motherboard? And will there be enough space left for a networkcard?
  8. Upgrading GPU / bottleneck

    (i have a budget of 60 euros for a new cpu)
  9. Upgrading GPU / bottleneck

    Is that similar to a i7 2600?
  10. Upgrading GPU / bottleneck

  11. Upgrading GPU / bottleneck

    Will a i7 2600 be enough?
  12. Upgrading GPU / bottleneck

    I have a i5 3350p and a r9 270 2GB now, but i want to upgrade my GPU to a GTX 1060 3G, will this cause a bottleneck? And do i need to upgrade my CPU as well?