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  1. Sorry,all CM fans was out of stock,so if i go with fractal venturi HF-14 is it good??
  2. I buy the fans on my country marketplace,i live in indonesia,my budget $20 Yepp,since my front fans from CM too so i want to use it same like my intake If i go with another brand,what fan will good for my exhaust?
  3. Yup, bcs front fan is from CM too so i want to make them match *lol So its okay if i go with 140mm air pressure fan for my exhaust? If i go with another brand,what fan will good for exhaust? My budget is same like CM fan Thankyou
  4. Hi everyone,my pc case now is cooler master h500p mesh,and i want to change that exhaust fan with another rgb fan from cooler master,so which fan case will be the best for my exhaust fan? I'm use this fan at rear 1.cooler master masterfan pro airflow 120mm ( there is no 140mm on my country) 2.cooler master masterfan pro air pressure 140mm 3.is it ok if i use air pressure fan, since what i know air pressure fan is good only for radiators? Thankyouu and sorry my english is very bad
  5. I have 18-18,5cm x 9cm hand,i use 80% fingertip grip for gaming and 20% palm grip when browsing Which mice will be best for me? I look for asus mice gladius 2 or pugio but i dont know which one the best for me since i'm strix fanboy *lol But if there any better mouse please tell me Thankyou and sorry for my bad english
  6. I have 18,5cm and 9cm hand,and my grip style are fingertip and sometime claw grip,is asus gladius 2 origin fit to me? Thankyou and sorry for my bad english
  7. How about the tempa for nvme and sata ssd? Is it true nvme more hotter than sata?
  8. Is it true nvme get more higher temps??
  9. I never use SSD before,so now i will buy new ssd which one have the best for me? Im using this ssd for windows boot,ms.word,powerpoint,and open other programs, in my country both ssd have similar price and same warranty 1.samsung 860 evo 500gb 2.adata sx8200 pro 512gb Is it real nvme runs hotter than sata ssd? My motherboard is asus x470-f strix Thankyou in advance and sorry for my bad english
  10. indonesia yup i know 1060/rx580 will be enough but i want this GPU will be enough until next gen RTX come, and is it enough 6gb vram for 1080p ultra settings?
  11. I want to find the best GPU for 1080p gaming: 1) Used asus strix gtx 1070 ti $ 461.25 2) New Asus strix rtx 2060 $ 496.73 which one is the best for now? my specs: ryzen 2600x, 16gb RAM thankyou and sorry for my bad english
  12. is it fine to pair ryzen 2600x with asus b450-f strix motherboard? i'm not going to OC anyway, maybe just enable PBO and XFR2 thankyou