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    Is my motherboard faulty?

    Hi, every time I unplug my PC from wall and then power it back on I get into this weird boot loop: CPU led turns on for 2 seconds then DRAM led blink once and then CPU led turns on again, and so on in a loop. When this happens the only way to boot it again is to press POWER and RESET button for 20 seconds then it boots normaly again. I tried BIOS update, clearing CMOS, restoring defaults but nothing seems to fix the problem. Where could the problem be, what should I do? I was thinking that maybe the CMOS battery is bad so it messes with the BIOS data by not having enough power to sustain the data in CMOS, but I don't know how to check? CPU: Ryzen 7 2700 MBO: GIGABYTE X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING(rev.1.0) RAM: 2x8GB 2400 MHz (Crucial - CT8G4DFS824A.C8FDD) PSU: 600W chipes psu I could find at the moment (planing on upgrade in the near future..) Update: The battery is okay because when I do save bios boot all my settings stay.
  2. Hello, I built new PC with Ryzen 2700 and GIGABYTE X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING. Yesterday it was storm so I decided to unplug PC from the wall. In the morning when I pluged it back in it wouldn't boot (CPU led was on, then for half a second DRAM led blinked and then again CPU led was on). I don't know where the problem was but I found on some forum that MBO has backup bios option to restore old bios (I upgraded from F2 to F3g) i have to hold reset button and power button for 20sec. After that it did some stuff and it was working again I could normally boot into windows no problems. Curently I'm selling my old PC and I needed PSU cabel so I unplugged it again couple hours ago. After that same story happened. Why is my bios getting boot error after power loss, is there any chance of fixing it or should I request new MBO? (sorry for bad spelling)
  3. Hi! I bought Ryzen 2700 (non x version) and have a question. I would want to OC it to 4.0-4.1GHz, 1.35-1.4V (max). I found used Freezer 33 (normal version) for the cheap. Will I be able to hit that OC with reasonable temps (max 75°C) on Freezer 33. On my case 155mm is max cooler height, and 212 EVO is 159mm , while Freezer 33 is 150mm.