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  1. Hello everyone, hope you're all well and coping with the apocalypse. I've recently started getting a "no signal" error on my monitor while my pc hangs whenever i try to play 3d games. Albion Online and New World are a couple i've tried but i've also played Stardew Valley for hours without issue. I'm guessing it's just the fact that albion and new world are demanding where stardew just isn't even significant. At first i did a DDU reinstall of my graphics driver, didn't work so i tried a clean install of windows, also hasn't worked. I need to know if my PSU is failing or if my GPU is failing or if it could be something else. I've ran GPU-Z with logs on and from what i can tell i don't see anything bad but im also not exactly sure what im looking for either, the logs just stop without indicating anything obvious. How can i know for sure which part is failing? I have a spare GTX 1060 i can use but it doesn't draw nearly as much power as my Strix 390X so i'm thinking if i swap it out the 1060 might not even pull enough power to create a problem if it is my psu? I also have a spare PSU (CX 430) but i'm not sure it's powerful enough to run my system. My System: CPU - Ryzen 5 2600 GPU - Asus Rog Strix Radeon 390x RAM - Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB Motherboard - Asrock B450M Pro4 PSU - EVGA 750GQ 80+ Gold Attached are my GPU-Z logs leading up to the system hang and "no signal". GPU-Z Sensor Log new world 2.txt GPU-Z Sensor Log new world 3.txt GPU-Z Sensor Log new world.txt
  2. Yes, im well aware of this hence my decision but what i need to know is some statistics or any evidence at all regarding adding another stick at a later date that wasn't sold as a 'kit'.
  3. Hi guys Recently been looking around for pc parts and noticed ddr4 ram prices are absolutely silly right now. I need 32gb since i currently have 16gb and im maxing out just doing casual stuff. So i've had the idea to buy a 1x16gb stick which i can afford then later on buy the exact same brand/model 1x16gb when i can afford it. I know the default copypasta for this is "hurhurrr can't do that m9 compatabiltieiz m9" with absolutely no explanation. I'd like some evidence to support this since before i was a 'real' pc builder i always mixed and matched ram even different brands and the worst that has ever happened to me in 10 years is all the ram slowed down to the lowest speed ram i added which isn't even a bad thing since it's expected and completely up to me. I'll accept anecdotes, if you bought the exact same model of ram and it didn't work i'd like to know but i'd also like something a bit more concrete or even some statistics. This is a £300 decision so i don't really want to rely on the default copypasta replies.