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  1. dakwill

    Need Feedback

    ok, but if i had to pick....
  2. dakwill

    Need Feedback

    when do they come out?
  3. dakwill

    Need Feedback

    Should I go with an 8700k with a GTX 1060 or an 8600k with a GTX 1070 for gaming (overwatch, csgo, r6s, etc.) and maybe content creation (twitch, youtube
  4. dakwill

    Corsair Dark Core SE

    Can you program the buttons in the Corsair Dark Core SE to whatever you want, or do they stay as DPI buttons.
  5. dakwill


    Any recommendations for a Tenkeyless, RGB, Cherry Mx Blue keyboard
  6. dakwill


    Can anyone please recommend me a mouse and keyboard for no more than 200 dollars combined (roughly) for gaming.
  7. dakwill

    Razer Naga

  8. dakwill

    Razer Naga

    yes moving from console, and thanks for the feedback
  9. dakwill

    Razer Naga

    i think having thosecontrols available on a mouse would be easier, but idk cuz I don’t have a pc setup yet, i’m just planning and fine tuning what peripherals i want. So i could be wrong
  10. dakwill

    Razer Naga

    Can you program the Razer Naga buttons for FPS game controls, like sprint, crouch, reload, etc?
  11. dakwill

    Razer vs Logitech G

    so is the Razer Blackwidow Chroma TE v2 a viable option.
  12. dakwill

    Razer vs Logitech G

  13. dakwill

    Razer vs Logitech G

    various youtube vids, and sorry for the grammar mistake
  14. dakwill

    Razer vs Logitech G

    Razer stopped working with Kailh I’m pretty and makes the switches themselves