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    i7 7700k
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    NVidia 1080 ti
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    Corsair One
  1. I just wanted to share with the community a conversation I had with representatives from Pimax, which made me, a firm believer of the Pimax VR headsets being the next evolution in VR and the step up for me from my Oculus, to walk away from them. Pimax VR, besides their Kickstarter campaign, is now an online company with a new North American support center, which is shipping their HMDs (Pimax 8k, Pimax 5k+ and Pimax 5k XR) to users all around the world. They frequently show up on game and hardware related events and show off the latest iteration of their VR headsets. They also recently announced a new 8K headset with 2 4k displays. I am in the market for an upgrade from the Oculus and did follow their campaign and releases with anticipation to purchase one of their products. There are many Youtube and text reviews out there but choosing a headset is very subjective. I, for example, hate the screen door effect on the Oculus, but others say it is not that bad. Well, I wanted to test the Pimax headsets, because they are $800 USD on their website, but they do not have any local outlets that let you test drive their products. They are, after all, an online company. Fine. So I looked all over their website for the return policy, in case you are not happy with your purchase. I could not find it. So I asked the question on their website under the Pimax 5k XR Q&A tab and received the following reply: Q: What is your return policy? Can I return a device if I am not satisfied with the quality within a certain timeframe? 06/18/2019 A: Hi, When you receive the goods, you cannot exchange them without quality problems. If you need technical support, we will do our best to provide it thank you" They did not publish my question or the answer on their website. So I created a login for their forum and asked the question there. Nice folks and some forum users forwarded me to a North American contact from their support team. I also submitted a clarification question and received the following answer: From: “sally.huang” <sally.huang@pimaxvr.com> Date: 2019-06-19 To: "xxxx.xxxx@xxxxx.com" <xxxx.xxxx@xxxxx.com> Subject: Re: Re: Your question has been answered (#16069) 视图 帮助台工票 Hi, You can get a refund before delivery, I also suggest you look at some reviews before you buy, About aftersale,we have effecient tech support team to resolve aftersale service requests. Thanks for your understanding. 已发送 作者 Pimax Technology 使用中 Odoo. So the Pimax official suggestion for potential customers is to "read and view the reviews" and then purchase a multi hundred dollar item without the option to take it back unless it has a technical fault. So Pimax, who decided to remain an online only shop, does not give anyone the option to test their products before purchase and would not take the HMD back in case you find out that you do not like it. That, to me, sounds incredibly shady. One forum reply was from a person who purchased a Pimax 5k+, changed his mind 10 minutes after the purchase and asked for a cancellation of his order. Pimax did initially not reply, then cancelled the order after 4 days and kept $38 for a cancellation fee. The Amazon presence shows a 15% restocking fee if you return the headset and "misrepresent the condition" (a.k.a. it was not dead on arrival or is unopened). This is $120 for a Pimax 5k XR. Just for taking it back in case you do not like it. I think that Pimax should work on publishing their return policy and finally update it to support customers to have a certain test period before they charge a refund fee. Or they need to have local outlets or distributors that provide hands-on testing to customers. Returns can be costly for an organization, but putting it to customers to purchase the "cat in the bag" after "reading some reviews" and then rejecting returns unless the product is faulty sounds not really customer friendly. Pimax lost my business, and I recommend for any potential customer to only purchase a headset from them if you have tested it beforehand or if you are willing to pay a significant restocking fee.
  2. PacsterDude

    Will there be a Pimax display?

    Hi, I was unable to find anything in relation to the VR setups at LTX. I was wondering if you will have PIMAX headsets for test at LTX.
  3. PacsterDude

    Delidding Workshop

    Update. many back and forth. I cleaned it up and reapplied Kryonaut thinner. No change. I cleaned up and almost put no Kryonaut on it. No change. I thought hard and found the one thing that is always the same: Kryonaut. I had noticed that I got a scratching, grinding noise when I pushed down the lid. It seems as if there are crystals in the TIM. I can see scratch marks on my die. I removed Kryonaut and used some MX-4,which I had lying around. And voila, I do not hit 100degrees anymore. The system stays under artificial load around 92-96 degrees Celsius. It seems to still drop the frequency on the cores but I can figure that out. I wonder if there is anything like "bad Kryonaut".those crystals seem to have broken the thermal conductvity. I know that something needs to be in the TIM to let it conduct heat, but is it that?
  4. PacsterDude

    Delidding Workshop

    Ok, no change. I removed the lid and removed the silicone. I removed the TIM and reapplied. I put a bit more o it based on a video I found on YouTube. It will squeeze out anyway and Kryonaut is not conductable. I let the retention mechanism hold the lid. I have about 60-80 degrees on at least 3 cores of my 7700k with about 20% load. Starting a stress test let's it peak to 100 degrees on all cores and the frequency gets throttled to 3.6 GHz. I see the same even without overclocking. What a I doing wrong? Does it need to be only a tiny amount of TIM, like Alex told me? I am afraid that it doesn't touch the lid. Is my Kryonaut isolating the cores from the lid?
  5. PacsterDude

    Delidding Workshop

    That would have been my next plan for fixing it. Thanks for your advice!b
  6. PacsterDude

    Delidding Workshop

    Hey Alex, I was your first customer at the delidding booth yesterday at LTX. I had to silicon glue my CPU back together. I tried the CPU today and it hits on 2 cores 100 degrees within seconds of the stress test. could it be, that there is not enough contact between the die, Kryonaut and the heatspreader? I reapplied Kryonout between block and heatspreader again, although it looked fine. Any tip appreciated. I am playing with the idea to carefully get the heatspreader back off and reapply a bit more Kryonaut. Cpu is set to 4.7 GHz and 1.31V.