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  1. Any idea where to get a replacement for the 4 pin om the motherboard? Any ebay links that come to mind? Thank you
  2. Hello guys, i'm in a bit of trouble and would like some help, please.I was running a xeon x3440 3.6ghz O.C (1.25 on core) on a P7P55 LX motherboard with a 350 watt power supply (yes, i know)It was running quite fine for quite long untill i started playing asssassins creed odyssey a couple of days ago (which stressed the CPU to 80-90% most of the time) After a few fun days of enjoying the game, pc started to randomly restart.I dissassembled everything and reassembled it.I came across the culprit, a burnt PSU cable for the 4 PIN CPU power connector. I assume the power draw was too much for the PSU cable or the 4 Pin CPU connector and it just burnt. This is what it looks likehttps://imgur.com/a/1NHtkcZhttps://imgur.com/a/9XpdoTJThe PC is working fine as far as i can see (RAM is fine, GPU fine, CPU fine and the pc boots up)Now, i understand i need to buy a new/better PSU, but the question is, is that motherboard connector fine? (The pc does boot up even with the burnt psu) I mean if i try cleanning it out, won't it work fine with a new PSU again? How do i prevent this from happening again? As mentioned, my motherboards has only a signle 4 pin cpu power connector, are there any adapters to make it 8 pin to give the CPU more power and prevent the overload of that 4 pin?I understand that buying a new motherboard with a new cpu/RAM is nice and all, but obviously, the money is tight.
  3. It's 4 cores and 8 threads, but it's strange why it's running so high on stock clock of 2.53. I'll try to replace the thermal paste and see if that stabilizes the temperstures. I had 1 small packet of thermal paste yesterday so i didn't get the chance to replace it after swapping out the cpus for bios update. I'll get some more today and see if that fixes the problem. Otherwise it seems to be running fine, updating the bios made the memok butten turn completely red, which gave me an idea to mess around the ram and after reseating those 1 by 1 into the blue slots from the black slots did the trick and it booted.
  4. Reseating the ram into different slots did the trick after bios update for some reason. Now only problem left is cpu overheating, i only had 1 packet of thermal paste so i didn't changebit after swapping out cpus, i suspect that to be the reason. Temperatures are idling at 50-60 but when i throw it a little task it jumps to 70-80. I'm using the old stock cooler from i3 530
  5. It does not seem to work i tried the bios update but black screen is all i get. There's also a red light near the mem ok butten but the ram is working fine with the old i3
  6. Yep, bios update did nothing at all. There's a red light near the memok! Butten and still have completely black screen (。╯︵╰。)
  7. I've seen a good amount of people running the same setup https://youtu.be/fWPyL5DnPxs
  8. I have a gtx 660 connected as gpu, that shouldn't be a problem. I'll try updating the bios
  9. Hello, i'm having some problems with my coputer.I was running an i3 530 on a P7P55 LX motherboard and decided to upgrade to xeon x3440. Now the cpu isn't on the official supported list but i've seen plenty of people running the same setup, it's the same socket and it should work just fine with p55 setup.What i did: turned off the pc, removed the cables of fan and the cpu power, took out the fan and cleaned it from the old thermalbpaste, got the old cpu out, installed the new one correctly (fits exactly) got some thermal paste on it, a tiny rice bit, installed the fan and connected all the plugs. I pushed power and all i got was black screen(fans speening).I pushed the mem reset butten which did nothing and took out the little battery (cmos battery?) which also did nothing.Please help!
  10. One more thing, sorry to bother, will i need to update the bios if so? (Also i'm cureently running all my rig, on a 350watt psu, will i need to change it definitely?)
  11. But it's not on the official mobo supported list
  12. Hello, i have P7P55 LX mobo with i3 530 in it. I'd like to upgrade to x3440. Is it possible? I'm using 1600 8 gigs of ram and gtx 660 if that is useful at all (running it all on 350 watt psu atm kek, cpu overcklocked at 3.67)