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  1. Hi, I have a problem with my Lenovo laptop - it freezes and BSODs but only on external power - on battery everything is ok. BSOD have bug code 239 - CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED. It also seems that it's better when I put it in lower power plan in windows. I tried windows recovery twice, updated like all the drivers and sometimes it seems to get better but then it goes back to crashing again. I think it might be a hardware problem, but the question is - could it be just a foulty power supply? It would be good because I really don't want to lose my laptop. And if so, could I check with another power suppy with lower power? The one provided is 135W but I don't have access to another exactly like this. I can have one that is 90W (same voltage) though. Laptop Specification: i5 7300HQ 8GB DDR4 GTX1050 2GB 256GB M.2 SSD Power supply - 20V 6.75A Thanks for your help.
  2. So I have a LEPA Exllusion 240 AIO cooler and it seems that my results are pretty far off from what I've seen in reviews. On 4,7GHz on 2600k I get 80-90C (and it's on AIDA64, on OCCT it goes straight to throttling in 1-2 mins) which is not too as for me but reviews seem to be consistent with around 60-65C on 4,7-4,8GHz on the same CPU or 2700k. On stock speeds I got around 55-60C which seems to be off as well. Also, both radiator and coolant (measured by touch, sorry) seem to be room temperature. I managed to get it slightly (VERY slightly) warm-ish after 40mins of AIDA64 on temps around 80-85. It seems that there are some "blobs" in the coolant (picture attached), someone told me that it could mean that either "canals" (not sure about the name) in block or pump might be clogged which would limit performance. I tried two different thermal pastes (Row Corning TC-5121 provided with the cooler and SilentiumPC Pactum PT-2), mounting seems to be ok too (attached are pictures of block and CPU with thermal paste after first detaching the cooler) and I tried plugging pump to molex by provided adapter and to a fan controller on my case (the only fan header on the MoBo I could plug it is CPU_FAN because of the fairly short cable and it is already occupied by the fans from the cooler which are 4pin so I can't really plug them anywhere else). The pump surely worked in both cases because it made the noise and I could see flow, though I can't really say if it was working well enough. I also tried it on an open bench before and it was only marginally better. So my question is: what can I do? Should I try disassembling the block-pump combo to clean it (it seems that on this particular cooler it's possible and relatively straight forward)? If so, can I reuse the liquid after filtering it or something (I don't think additional 500ml provided by manufacturer will be enough to fully fill the loop)? Or maybe it's the pump and if so, what can I do to fix the issue? Lastly, my setup: Intel i7 2600k + LEPA Exllusion 240 Biostar TZ77XE4 Gigabyte reference R9 290 + Arctic Accelero II 16GB Patriot 1333MHz DDR3 memory Corsair 750W PSU (sorry, I don't remember the model, it's an old one) SilentiumPC RG4TF + 3 fans on the front Not sure if these will help anything but I'm providing these just in case nevertheless.
  3. Tarzan1009

    Overclocking i7 2600k on Biostar Z77

    Thank you so much, most threads said to set multiplier to dynamic but i don't have such option. Maybe you could also help me with something else (I don't want to start a new thread): I got a LEPA Exllusion 240 AiO cooler with it and plugged two fan cables through a 2 to 1 adapter provided to the CPU fan 4 pin header (as told in the instruction) and pump to a 3 pin header but it seems that my fans are spinning at full speed at all times and manual override doesn't do anything. Maybe you know what could be causing it?
  4. Hi, I run into kind of an issue after buying a new MoBo (Biostar TZ77XE4) for my old PC to play a bit with overclocking it (yes, I know it's basically reviving the already dead but I got a nice deal on a board and cooler and I'm on a tight budget). Sorry if the question was asked here before but I couldn't find a definitive answer. So the thing is that I can't change the multiplier on my CPU without checking the "Fixed CPU Ratio" option which makes it run at full speed all the time which is far from optimal because of idle temps and power drain. If I do not apply this option I can only change Turbo multiplier which, from what I heard isn't preferred for overclocking (basically everywhere I checked they say to outright disable Turbo). So the question is basically: is it normal or did I mess something up?