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  1. Amen man. Wasn't a concern when I was running a cheap non-restrictive block. Definitely a good thing to have, a necessity really when running a block with a jet-plate, as it will definitely catch any trash. I've been satisfied with the Bitspower filter. Relatively cheap, uses two stainless-steel mesh coin style filters. They provide two additional filters with it. The sight glass makes it easy to see when they need to be swapped or if they are collecting trash.
  2. Bought this XSPC 280 radiator off Amazon that was supposedly a "New open box return" Nothing suspect when I received it, no outwardly signs of use. I was in a rush to install and paid the iron.....well, brass price. Threw some distilled water, XSCP UV Green (no solids), with a bit of Sys-Prep which I suspect began flushing all the trash out. Noticing my inline filter, BitsPower (pre-cpu), was getting clogged up and after changing the screens several times, I knew the block HAD to have collected trash. I decided to let it run its course, changing out the filter screens until they were mostly clear for a while, as to not have to take the block out and apart several times...the damage was already done and my config is a bit of a pain to get the rads in and out as I have a fetish for putting things where they don't belong. I have a 280 + 240 with Swiftech pump, Optimus Waterblock, Kryonaut, Delid, Conductonaut, so it was still able to manage temps fine on the 8086k at 5.2Ghz (0AVX) with 1.375v . Push pull config on everything, even if it "doesn't fit". After Cleaning, flow indicator that was barely crawling along idle is spinning significantly faster, a very obvious sign of the flow improvement. (Sorry I don't have actual RPM numbers of the indicator) Either way, here is what the jet plate looked like. After swapping the plate, taking the rad out and cleaning it, here is what it was worth temp wise. Same fan/pump speeds (Gigabyte SIV auto, "Standard" setting), same fluid. Deepcool Earlkase with front panel mod to allow more airflow. 15Min RealBench Stress Test Temperature Differences: (Average) / (Peak) Package : (-3.4*C) / -( 3.0*C ) Core 1 : (-3.2*C) / -(3.0*C) Core 2 : (-3.6*C) / (-4.0*C) Core 3 : (-2.4*C) / (-4.0*C) Core 4 : (-3.2*C) / (-3.0*C) Core 5 : (-3.6*C) / (-2.0*C) Core 6 : (-2.9*C) / (-3.0*C) ------------------------------------- Overall : (-3.15*C) / (-3.17*C)
  3. Earlkase had almost 0 flow through the front panel, a single tiny inlet at the bottom. No flow through my front radiator. Decided to fix it. Whipped up a trapezoid with a rear recess to insert filter media. Cut it out with a dremel.
  4. You are correct, I must have mis-read it last night. I finished around 3AM lol. I remember thinking "weird, i've never seen it done like that before"
  5. I might pull it back to 3/8ths tubing, its a little less intrusive.
  6. Are you sure that is the case with this motherboard? I had thought that was odd as well, the manual was a bit obscure and seemed it wanted those first two slots for dual channel
  7. Won an 8086k from the Intel Sweepstakes. Decided to heavily mod my DeepCool Earlkase. Really loving this sweet Optimus waterblock. My goal for this case was to have the loop serviceable by only removing the front panel. The Earlkase uniquely provides a removable mesh that allows access to the reservoir. I had a wild idea to "integrate" the loop into the case using the front vertical partition, from there it spiraled out of control. I wanted to also have the handle for the drain fitting and a drain port passing through the front of the case, simply remove the front panel, remove drain block-off plug, screw in a hose and turn the handle to drain. I intend to add a fill port at the top, but for the most part it is "done", if there is such a thing as "done" Will update with RGB/UV lighting later today. 8086k (will be delidded) Aorus Gaming 7 16GB G.Skill CL15 3000mhz GTX1070 with EKWB block (cut to fit) 2x Samsung 850 Evo Optimus Waterblock Swiftech MP50X XSPC Ion Reservoir XSPC 280mm top rad Nemesis GTS 240mm front rad Arctic F12 Push/Pull on both rads Seasonic 750W Modular
  8. Thank you for the kind words. Played around with some UV last night