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  1. UPDATE: Turned out to (not so surprisingly) be a scam. The seller wanted pictures of Amazon gift cards as payment (nothing sketchy about that). Amazon stood by their word, though, and refunded him in full. 10/10 would gamble on Amazon again.
  2. Hi guys, This is my first time posting. I've never been comfortable buying used, but a friend of mine just bought a used Cyberpower from Amazon (camelcamelcamel price drop list). Top of the line gaming specs (1080 ti, 8700k etc.) but the catch is that it was only $500. Obviously, I'm skeptical. I'm sure this thing was used for every type of mining out there. My plan of action when it gets here is to open it up, clean it if necessary, make sure all the components are as advertised, and run some benchmarks. I'm looking for recommendations for testing the pc out. What are the hallmarks of mining abuse? He contacted Amazon and they told him that he could return it within 90 days (despite the third party seller saying no returns) if it doesn't work as advertised. I'm thinking that if it's just the gpu that was beaten up it's still a reasonable deal, particularly with the 1180 on the horizon. What are your thoughts? At what point is it not worth it to you? Thanks, I appreciate any help.