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  1. umick

    My computer is underperforming

    So i had windows 7 and i just upgraded to windows 10 and for some reason when i play games like counter strike ,Apex legends my fps is just too low compares to what it used to be.I would like to know some solutions since when i was in windows 7 i could play every game at high fps . I3 4th generation Gtx 1050 ti 8gb
  2. umick

    high ping in ap mode

    so since i changed my router to 2 nd router to ap mode i am having high ping i have a tenda ac10 250mbs is there anything that can fix this isse? i am using a wired connection
  3. umick

    2nd router

    its about 30 meters(98)
  4. umick

    2nd router

    basically a have my main router in my main router i have a 30 metre internet cable that connects to my 2nd router (tenda ac 10) and in that 2 nd router i need to use the wireless and a internet cable connected to my pc xbox and ps4
  5. umick

    2nd router

    what is the difference?
  6. umick

    2nd router

    i am sry i went on google translator i didnt mean it
  7. umick

    2nd router

    because I have 2 separate houses on the same plot
  8. umick

    2nd router

    any tips on how to fix this issue?
  9. umick

    2nd router

    so i installed a secound router in my house ,but i am having an issue that my secound router keeps disconecting from the main one. when i have bridge mode turned on on my main router ,my 2nd router stops disconecting but with bridge mode i loose the main router and i dont have wifi near to it i dont know that to do since it only works with bridge mode and i dont realy want that
  10. ok ty i dowgraded the bios version and it works
  11. well i updated my bios and after when i boot into the windows ,my windows only recognized 3 cores instead of 4 motherboad :msi h110m-pro vd cpu:i5 7400 gpu 1050 ti ram 8